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For Tampagirl!

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In the early 60s I worked for a Japanese import company in San Francisco, Takahashi; their most popular merchandise at the time was a line of brightly colored enamel cookware and serving ware. I designed some of the pieces when the selection was increased. It was such fun. The items came in red, orange, olive green and royal blue at first and a lighter green and light blue were added later. The first items were a coffee pot, mugs and cereal bowls. I think they would still sell! This puzzle gave me lots of memories, Quartina, thanks. Carole


All my kitchenaid, including mixer, are all in cobalt blue! Thanks.


Thanks quartina> That was fun :) I have everything in the picture in lime green :( That's was the only color I could find at the time, but my Paula Deen cookware is this same color aqua! Oh, my time was 7:29, a bit slow.