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Phoebe's Cutest Pic of All

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Oh, my daughter had a little pink shrug when she was small. Would love to see a jigidi puzzle of it when it's done! This is an old pic of little Phoebe. She was such a sweetie and had such a zest for life. I loved her so much. You wouldn't think a hamster could have a personality but she did! I still miss her very much. She died, then my cat died, my best friend died, and my mother died all within a few months of each other. It was fairly devastating. They say 'He' only takes the best!


Thanks, Allie - Phoebe was a very special little lady. She had a real zest for life and treated everything as an adventure. She lived life to the full and wrung the last drops of life she could. I held her while she passed over and I still miss her. It was a privilege to have known her and shared her little life and I will never forget her. She now has a resting place in the rockery in my garden.


what a gorgeous creature! that is the cutest look!!! bless her! tfs!


Thank you Ank, that's a lovely gesture and very kind. I will do that. My mother was Belgian - I spent a lot of my childhood in Brussels and speak french, but I've never been to the Netherlands, and although my mother spoke flemish, she never taught it to me - kept it to speak to my grandmother so I didn't know what they were saying lol! I only have one relative left out there now who has no children, so sadly that line will die out. It's lovely to speak to people from different parts of the world. Nicky (Nicole)


I forget to say, yjis is a lovely photo, thanks for posting.


Hi niccolino. First welcome to Jigidi, you will see you have a great time.
I agree that this cute small animals have an own personality. I have had one for years, and I've often wondered about.
I post a Birthday calendar every month. If you want your name on, please add your date on one of my puzzles. I make you a Birthday puzzle and maybe some other friends do too. I post the calendar puzzle two days before the new month starts. Ank (the Netherlands-W.Europe)


Thanks Ardy - yes, so glad. We have lots of pictures of her. She belonged to my daughter - she has kept hamsters for several years, and amazingly all of them had their own unique personalities! Who would think something that small could have a personality?!


This is a sweet picture. Aren't you glad you have it! Thanks, Nicky, for sharing.

God bless you sweet Phoebe.


Aaaaaw! So sweet.


Yes, she's a sable Syrian. Miss her lots - she was such a cutie.


looks like a bear hamster, very cute