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Passionate Pink Swirl

42 pieces
124 solves
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Mandy, I am NOT easily shocked!!! LOL!

Thanks so much, Ardy--and I'm sure it was also a relief from the all-teal-all-the-time of the other puzzles! I loved the way it turned out, and, in what I think is a funny turn of events, LunaPic, with its computer driven programs, managed to color a bit outside the lines (look at the first white section, going from the outside in, with its tiny splotches of pink that came from out of nowhere)! :-)))


Pat, Did you hear me gasp when I opened to this? It's so beautiful that it took my breath away. I love the way you "hid" the deep red rose in the middle. This is truly breathtaking. Thank you. I love it so much. Hugs.


Phew, I hoped you'd find it funny Pat!! Thanks :~)


I finally remembered to look up the name of the function on LunaPic, and it's Surreal Painting, not retro colors, that I meant.


Jan, that sounds like an ad for toilet paper! LOL! But thank you--I know what you mean, and I love the description!

No, Mandy, it's not naughty, just hilarious! It even looks like what a hip old lady might wear, but when her stockings sag down at the ankles... LOL! :-)))


Pat, I hope my visual isn't too naughty... but it looks like someone who was wearing pink and purple stripey stockings just rolled one of them off and left it on the floor!!!!!!! LOL!!! I love it!!! :~)


Pat - it's perfect! It has a thicker, softer feel. And the lines between are great. The color combination . . . magnifique! Thanks so much!!


Thanks, whatnauts! We actually have sunshine, although it's cold and windy. Snow tomorrow, though...


A wonderfully bright swirl for yet another dull day. Thanks, PD.


Thanks, Katie and Barb! This was, believe it or not, a multicolored swirl to start! Then I did another loonie function called, I believe retro colors (I'll look it up when I'm off the iPad), that tends to make everything neon pastels, if that's not an oxymoron! Then I embossed THAT, and this was the result! I tried to make the center more varied by adding other colors, but the processing had broken down the barriers between the rings, so any color I tried flooded right into all of the center rings anyway, which left them no better off..... But I thought it was pretty, and in the small size, it didn't make it any harder to solve, so I left it the way it was. :-)))


Ooh, watch out for that pink eye .... I hear it's contagious. LOL
This is a really nice combination of pinks, Pat. I hope Ardy sees it because she is quite passionate about pink. :-)


It's buzzing! Great color combination Pat - it's like a pretty winter twilight. Thanks!