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Cat shaming series

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Yes sir, we are the suckers.---------------Molly



Some of them do crack me up too, Wendy. :)


This series on cat shaming is hysterical. I have had so may laughing fits...............Wendy


You're so welcome, Val. Sometimes I'm afraid people will think I'm a know-it-all, but I just want to help other people who are owned by pets. Most of my life I've been a pet person and I worked for a veterinarian for 20 years so I feel obliged to give back some of what I've learned over time. I'm a life-long learner and am in the process of learning all I can from my latest: a rescue cat who's now 18 years (84 years in cat time) old. There are all kinds of questions I don't qualify to answer; I'm sure Heidi can answer the vast majority of them.

Any time, Val. That's what it's all about. :)


jyl thank you very much for the advice☺☺

Thanks YO for letting me use your space☺☺



Lol, with that look on his face, I'd try to make him happy, too!

Thought you'd have an answer, jyl. :)

Sweet story, Carol66. TY :)

The attitude fits, Apiary. :)


Typical male!


Hey, PutterDutt........isn't it amazing how various animals (aka furry babies) arrive in our lives? ;)


Sweet story, Carol!


Old family story: We had a HUGE tabby cat named "Lord Beaverbrook" (something to do with his aloof stance and English history). I married and move away...on a return visit "the LORD" was still ensconced on the couch (chesterfield in Canada). I asked my Mother where we got him......she said, we woke up one morning (in the days where you DARED to leave windows open all night)........there he was on the couch.............never left.


Love Max. He appreciates the bed and the person who takes care of the house doesn't have to remove Max hair from the whole house. Good thinking, homemaker!


There's a territorial battle going on in your neighborhood. Keep Lincoln out for a while, COMPLETELY.
Bandit is just trying to defend his family's territory (your home, his home) from all other male cats. There's an intact male cat, new to the area (or new to being an adult male), who is trying to establish a territory and your (and probably Lincoln's) home is/are the current targets.
Thanks, (I think) for the tag, youngone.

Shabby chic tux...Sherry :)))

True, maybe, but that's what makes a tuxedo cat look so good. :)


Remember, perfection is boring!

Think so too but Max is not a tuxedo cat. Doesn't have the mask and the symmetrical black and white coloring.

I've always thought it was the tuxedo effect that raised them up a notch or two...Sherry :)))

He's different, PD. Handsome? Maybe. :)

Thanks, cappy. You too. :)

all good ones today, but I like this one the best. you enjoy your evening.


Max is a handsome fellow.


Thank you YO☺☺

jyl will see the call for her when she comes back on line. She worked in a vet office for a long time and can maybe shed some light on the problem.


YO Jim let Bandit back in last night, he had a feed, sat on Jim's lap then he left, Jim blames Lincoln I blame Bandit as when Jim let him in first times he sprayed and he really has Tom cat smell, Lincoln hardly smells as male Tonkinese are sterile apparently. The other thing was Lincoln never turned up for two days earlier this week as you say maybe he is remarking and Bandit is annoyed!!!

Sounds like Lincoln is marking his territory and your home is now it. Agree not to let him in at the moment and maybe keep Bandit out too. @jyl may know what to do I think.


Oh that is Cute. Not sure what is happening at Lincoln's home but he has started spraying inside our house, and so is Bandit each to cover the other one, spent a whole morning on hands and knees cleaning I will not let Lincoln in at the moment. Seems strange after a year to start this any ideas☺

Agree with Fredde that his facial markings make him look very smug and even imperial. Can't imagine saying NO to this cat. He demands attention. :)

Thanks, Sherry, mpp and roseh. Enjoyed your comments. :)

Rose, you are absolutely correct! ...Sherry :)))


How is it that we will feed a stray cat and not a dog? I'm guilty of doing that.


Maybe they'd adopt me??


I'm sure part of it is his markings, but he sure looks smug.

Well, he certainly does add class to the neighbourhood...and if he's spending enough time sleeping there, guess they're feeding him, too? ...Sherry :)))

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