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Oven baked fish, bacon, home grown lettuce, tomato, white onion, crunchy chilli, tomato sauce, kewpie mayo on home cut sourdough

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P.S. on the bacon on the sammie - needs to be cooked more!!! *lol*


life was hard those days...poorer people lobsters because it was the easiest thing to catch.


Mouth is watering and this one I will eat the whole thing.

Original Thanksgiving celebrated a modest harvest and they ate anything they and the natives could kill and/or dig up or pick in the area (they did not have turkey).


Yep, Pilgrims and Indigenous Peoples. See: Squanto. (Heard a 'radio production' of these event on Thanksgiving Day -- not really sure as to the veracity of events.)


I read a novel set right before the Black Plague hit England, a novel by a historian, and she described it as lots of food - no descriptions - and a LOT of ale and beer. I did study European history as a college freshman, but we didn't cover that, no sir.


Funny how a lot of them are in the winter, eh?

By the way, do you happen to remember what the original Thanksgiving celebrated? I think it was Pilgrims and Indians, but I really don't remember. Answer me, or I'll have to look to Wikipedia, and then I'll find myself editing the page.


Woohoo, food festivals!


Well, @Max_Tooney, you find yourself smack in the middle of two food festivals, so be strong and brave.

And happy holidays. :::hugs:::


:::pretending to be disinterested in food or food consumption:::

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