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Smoked Salmon and Bagel Bar

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From chef Amanda Saab's website, Amanda's Plate. Amanda, who is as creative in her food inventions as with her spelling, writes:

"I first tried Jamim Salmon when we were in Seattle! I worked with Angela and she shared that her husband, Chef Tracey smoked salmon over alderwood and have a company called Jamin Salmon.

It is absolutely delicious!

Angela shipped me some salmon after my move back to Michigan! I used their salmon for this bagel bar 😀 We love building our own items. Think sandwich bars, taco bars ect. The idea for a bagel bar came from Hip Foodie Mom on Instagram a few months ago and I have been making them since!"

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mmmm....smoked salmon and thin sliced onion on bagels or on crusty rolls. i used to stop at a bakery in Germany on my way to work at Army Community Services office on post and buy them for breakfast and lunch (rolls) that way. i had to eat them outside because they smelled so bad, but boy, they sure were good at about 30 cents a piece.


I have been well served ordering salmon and smoked trout bagels. I’ve also made them myself. TFS :-)


Mischka, I hope you feel better soon. We are also having heavy rains here and it's making my RA act up. I am sending you good vibes and all the best wishes possible!


Dear @JRo, how sloppy or sleepy of me, not to have added the extra puzzles. Look above; but I will tag you on the 600-piece puzzle.

You NEVER bug me. ALWAYS remind me, please, if it looks as though I've omitted something! There are a lot of folks who like the bigger sizes and who do them, though it means the extra step of copying-and-pasting into the URL bar.

Thank you, my dear. We are having heavy rains here, which makes my bones ache, but I am taking care and feeling cheerful, thank you! All best to you, too!


Mischka, I hope all is well. I hate to bug you but was this puzzle available in a bigger size? Take care and stay safe.


@jimez, hardy-har-har!

@Juba1010, you sound like a woman who has at one point been foully deceived. However, here you choose your own toppings, so you should be safe.


Looking closely for thinly sliced onions. Otherwise, perfect. :-)


I tried to smoke salmon once. Couldn't keep the damned thing lit.___:D

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