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At The End of a Long Day

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most of us kick off our shoes when we get home. not Jason ... 😊
Why this advertisement?


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This needs to be buried in a very deep hole. :-)


Will someone please feed him!

There is two of the ads. Funny. Lisa Bonet is in both.


Oh, but my stars do align with his; I'm an Aries, @scifi72, and Leo is just right. You ask what I can do with him - would you like a list? One awful looking commercial cannot scare me away since it's not really him. I'm feeling better, thank you very much, and thinking about my MoMo helps.


I remember that commercial. EEEWWWW! I think you're trying to wean @KittyCounselor off Mr.Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa. Break the addiction. I guess it's better than going cold turkey. After all, @KittyCounselor, what can you do with a man who is 6'4", 234 lbs, size 14 shoes, who has long dark brown hair, green eyes, loves spaghetti & apple pie, drinks Guiness, and is a Buddhist. Oh yeah, birthday on August 01 making him a Leo. Maybe your stars don't align with his. I do hope you are feeling well - calm, cool, and collected. We want you here.


I enjoyed it 😉 of course I was getting compliments from pretty ladies at the time, so yeah, you bet I enjoyed it 😊 lol


Yes! Wasn't that a wonderful day?


@Mischka ... and she finds it 😊 the "uniform" were actually red suspenders 😂 lol


Thank you, @KittyCounselor - I'm having the full array of chronic pains, but today was rather good; a lot of them subsided for a few hours. I'm almost always in a good mood, which helps tremendously.


[doubtfully] It might have been

but I don't think so. I'm remembering a lot more discussion of your clothes, lol. Perhaps you can look at your adjacent puzzles ... or you can tell me to quit obssessing. :-)


@SPaceDinVADerOne - John, if there are more than two grandkids, I wouldn't have a chance. But when I come to shop at the open-air market, I want to hang around chatting with you and the lovely missus for at least a couple of hours.

Since you tagged @scifi72 - For years, many of us thought that John was wearing a Star Trek uniform. Do you happen to have that puzzle handy?

That page was really full of laughter, IIRC.




@KittyCounselor ... not mean at all 😊 ... just damn funny 😂 lol

@morepiecesplz ... yes he does 😊 ::: note to self; "Skinny Jason" not effective :::

@Mischka ... if you are threatening me with a good time Fiona, be forewarned, you'll have to battle through my grandkids to get me 😉 lol


LOL ;-))


In case you haven't seen it, here it is: I think the ad is funny because I know he thinks it's hysterical. Just watch him with Jimmy Fallon and you'll know where he's coming from. I'm hanging in there, Fiona, thanks for asking. I probably ended up with a problem because I didn't increase my meds when MPP started sending us all the Jason pics. Be still my heart! How are you feeling these days? No more life endangering trips across US1, I hope. No more trips to the ER for me. Have a good week, @Mischka.


I'm torn between the positions of MPP and KC.

It DOES seem both mean-spirited AND humor-showing.

I am going to abide by the fact that JM took the paycheck for this gig, and therefore was perfectly okay with it.

@KittyCounselor, I now consider it my duty to ask about your health.

And if you don't say something above 90% okay, I am going to track down John, our @SPaceDinVADerOne, and give him a whupping. PLUS he will have to give you some of his preserves in jars. AND drive you back to the hospital.

(Are you free this morning, John? :-))


Someone that beautiful isn't usually that smart, nice, and funny. He's the whole package.


I love this commercial - he has such a great sense of humor.


Oh no! Super Bowl commercial ? They payd him a lot.


Now that's just mean. I'm surprised you didn't send the next view where he's also bald on top. I saw the whole commercial. Funny but sad sad sad. That's probably what most men wished he looked like.


@morepiecesplz, @Juba1010 @girlinaglass92 @KittyCounselor @julie88 @Mischka @petslave

Why this advertisement?