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Painted Shells! (kaleidoBOARDS)

40 pieces
85 solves
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Hester - yes! The noise alone is keeping me awake! LOL

Mandy - glad you had fun again!!


Thanks Jan - lots of imagery going on here, and lots of fun too, as usual... :~)


From the sounds of it, this is a veritable menagerie!! LOL Beautiful colours and a bundle of fun, Jan! :-))


Pat, clearly the rain is getting to you! ROFL!

Ank - what a wonderful description for the boards! Thanks so much!

Hanne - Your descriptions are wonderful, too! Thank YOU!


Love those bluebirds kissing!! And the faces with blue eyes and blue mouths too. And then all the gnomes in a circle!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Kissing birds, indian feathers, Venetian masks and Ardy's bells. Love it. And for a few seconds I'm on the board.


Now I see purple dragons hatching fuchsia eggs, 3 alien robots building snowmen, and a dozen small tractors pushing pink puppies in prams...

Just kidding! LOL! Very pretty and bright on this dull, rainy morning--thanks, Jan! :-)))


Pat - You're still in the top 3! Thanks!

Ardy - You are seeing all kinds of wonderful creatures in these BOARDS! Love it! Thanks so much.

Edie - I saw birds, now I see fish, too. That's what's great about our imaginations, isn't it? Thanks so much!!!


Well Ardy's bluebirds are my kissing fish. Glad to see they made it to the boards intact. Thanks for another great set Jan.


Jan, there is some billing and cooing being done by the bluebirds next to the left end. In the middle are mouths and chins of the green faced creatures. Then there are orange hearts next to the right end and candle flames in the right end one. Fun and my time was much better here. :-) Thank you, Jan.


I know that won't last ... thanks Jan for a fun puzzle