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1st snow of the season today

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Hi pilley ~ Yes, I have vowed to not complain about ANY weather, as long as I have electricity!! Thanks for your comments
DK ~ Look at you, on the board!! I am SO proud!! lol Looking forward to your visit! ;)


Thanks for sharing, Oh what a gorgeous view! I can't wait to come visit ;-)


With all these trees I can see where pines would fill your pool, I would love to have a pool but an happy with my hot tub. Sleet is in our forecast but cannot complain as we have had a beautiful fall. Thanks for your posts. Kathy P.


Thank you Robbie~hahaha @ different than your day!! Like being on a different planet!!
Thank you Nell for taking the time to comment~Nice to see you
Your welcome Trudy & I do love the snow!!


Thanks for sharing.... we don't always get snow in Seattle - maybe one or two storms each winter. Enjoy!


The window frames the softness of the snow beautifully. Thanks for the nice shot.


That sure does look beautiful Kathy, a lot different than our day today!! Thanks, nice shot.


In Northeast corner of Connecticut, USA. Yes, Trudy, It is a lovely view, until a windy storm makes it seem as if trees are possibly coming in the windows!!


Where are you located? What a lovely view you have out these windows.