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Tulip Festival

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it's hard to believe a year has gone by already🙂

* I have censored the location so TPTB cannot say that I am advertising for someone
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Well done

Whew! I'll bet you and your wife are sleeping in the next few days! What a whirlwind of activity you must have had...selling and talking all day and baking and cooking all night!! So glad it was a Big Success!


That is amazing. Did that young lady help you this time? She's a good worker, and very crafty.

Good for you. They are that good.


I am so pleased for you John. Well done.


we sold out of bread and fudge all 3 days Jolene🙂

You did wonderful. Did you sell out of bread? What about the crafts?


@nanab ... all the pictures have been downloaded to my computer BB ... I'll be going through them tonight🙂

@ParsonWayne ... we started with 28 dozen jars of jam/jelly ... 46 different flavors🙂 we now have less then 5 dozen and only 13 flavors left


I'm looking forward to seeing some fun photos.


I guess you're wrapping up now John, hope you had a good day. We visited our weekly town market today - got some home made chorizo sausages sans fat and delicious. ✿❛‿❛


Thanks Pat.


Hope all goes well, John.
I’m out.


And it was a great move for you, Clive. I was delighted for you when it happened. (And delighted for the rest of the western world, too!)


Pat you are correct that is why we left the EU.


Amen, mate! What do a bunch of Europeans know about American town festivals? They are celebrations of the town, the springtime, a chance for folks to see each other after a long winter. It's a chance to stroll past the crafts and the delicious foods, maybe pick up something special. It's anything and everything but a commercial enterprise.


John, I cannot believe they pulled your puzzle because you supplied the town name. This is the typical sort of "woke" rubbish we're getting from Jigidi these days.

John.....even if you were, we won't tell on you!!! (Can we all have a sample of everything you make?) ; ))))


thanks everyone 🙂 ... one day left ... I have slept 6 hours since yesterday morning when we left for day 1. I expect to pull an all nighter tonight, as I will be busy making more for these jam lovin' folks

@ParsonWayne ... breads and fusge numerous times, jams, never🙂

@PutterDutt ... the last time I left the name of the town, they pulled the puzzle ... said I was advertising🙄


Have fun! Sell~sell~ sell. :)


Have you ever sold out of Everything at a festival?


What's with the censored labels? They heard you were coming???


(Looks like TPTB will be there...)

Have a prosperous event, Buddy!


hope you have a great show.


Also pat hope you have a good day getting your ammo.


Have a great show John and I hope you sell every thing that you take with you.


Thanks, I'll try to remember to do so! I have some .22 Long ammo, and it is still manufactured by CCI (which stands for Cascade Cartridge, Inc.) For many decades a slightly longer and more powerful cartridge called the .22 Long Rifle has been the standard small caliber round.

.250-3000, now known as .250 Savage, is quite the historic cartridge. It was designed 107 years ago in 1915. It is the first cartridge in history to propel its bullet at over 3,000 feet per second (3000 fps). It introduced the era of true high-velocity cartridges. Still today, a century later, 3000 fps is the standard for such cartridges. A true competitor for the .250 Savage didn’t come out until 1969.

It was designed to be used in Savage’s fine Model 99 lever action rifle.* That rifle was introduced in 1899 (hence Model 99) and manufactured for 99 years - - until 1998. That makes it one of the very few longest manufactured guns in the world. I recently acquired a Savage 99, and couldn’t believe my luck in finding one. It’s been one of my dream guns for six decades! James Bond used a Savage 99 in .250-3000 caliber to assassinate some bad guys in the short story “For Your Eyes Only” (which is quite different from the movie of the same name). I first read the story in the early ‘60s. So now I have the rifle and I need to find some ammo for it. It's still manufactured sporadically by the big ammo companies, but it's hard to find. People have it at home but when they exhibit at a gun show to sell ammunition, they don't bring it along very often. The gun show I'm going to is a big one in Atlanta so my chances of finding some should be pretty good. I hope! ☺

Here’s a puzzle showing the elegant, graceful Model 99:

Let us know how you do.


@patsquire could that be a 22 long ?


I'm going to a gun show in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for some nearly obsolete ammo for a classic old rifle. (Me in a local gun shop, "You got any .250-3000 ammo?" The young clerk, "Huh?")


I do love to go to Craft Shows and Rock Shows whenever I can :-))


Have Fun and Enjoy the upcoming months..
~ 💙 ~


Yes, good luck and good sales!


John, you hadn't posted in some days, so I knew you were busy getting ready for a large event. Hope all goes well for you and Terri, and that you sell HEAPS. :-)))


Is there room under the fudge table?


You have both been working hard to get ready for this festival. Good Luck with it


thanks Jolene🙂

Have a great time and sell a lot.


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