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Hippolytus Finds The Nubile Nymphs Of Nether-Nether-Bonga.....

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In a breakthrough worthy of the exploits of history's most famous explorers, the intrepid Hippolytus has broken free from the clutches of his former travelling companion, Pee-Le-Squirt, and has found the fabled nubile nymphs of Nether-Nether-Bonga!........
They reside in that big building across the lake, and have welcomed our hero with open arms.........
With this discovery, our previous assumptions about the desolate, deserted, desert region have been turned on their head, and it is not beyond reason to imagine Nether-Nether-Bonga as the future St.Tropez...........
When questioned about the whereabouts of Mr.Le-Squirt, Hippolytus told us that he decided to go it alone after being subjected to endless squeezings, as Le-Squirt was desperately seeking water.......
Hippolytus says he will be staying with the nymphs for 'the foreseeable future'.....
Mr.Le-Squirt is lost in the desert........
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All safe and sound now and at the beach how nice. Just have to get Uncle and Kboy back from Japan and all is well, enjoy! you can return a hero once more. Maybe you could do misguided tours to this Shangri La of the lost horizons, on second thoughts better leave it to granny.




Yes, saved indirectly by SLOGranny, who ABANDONED ME to do flying stunts for the crowds at the beach, but I saw her up there and walked to safety ON MY OWN!!! Humph!


Tatty-from-Brazil........a Boogle-Boogle map is out of the question, as even we are unsure of where these places are.......
Juneee.....I believe unclebluebottle and Kaleidoboy have crash-landed in Japan.........they are now looking for a nice restaurant.......
Mr.Le-Squirt..........I apologise for being absent during the past few hours, I had something important to do - Mrs.Bugosi wanted me to hang a door.........are you still alive?........


headlines HURRAY THE PEE SQUIRT IS SAVED he is now headed off for some R'n'R whatever that is so please Uncle Bluebottle and Kaleidoboy head for home we don't want half the country out there before we know we can trust the Maidens. Did nobody ever watch the early Tsartrek? they may just be in the shape of beauty but inside they are horrible monsters from NetherNetherLand!


Not maidens! they swore that's what they were


More nitwits indeed, Juneee, leading to an endless stream of nitwittery wandering off to unknown dire fates in the dry wasteland. Or dry fates in the dire wasteland.

BUT FEAR NOT! YOU MAY CEASE THESE EXPEDITIONS D'AIDE!! I HAVE SPOTTED SLOGranny in the skies above Further Farther Bonga doing ridiculous aerobatic stunts in her chairy-copter-thingy via the colorful smoke trails from the smoke grenades strapped to her chair legs, and the sun glinting rhythmically off her chairy-copter blades.

ALL IS WELL! As happens sometimes in these things, I am just beyond a line of dunes. While Further Farther Bonga is completely out of sight, it is only a quarter-hour's trek away from my present location. I am saved (though mostly by my own stalwart efforts).

And now...............heh-heh-heh.............oh, Hippolytus! Hippolytus, cheeky monkey! Stay right where you are for a little while longer. Relax and enjoy your bask on the beach, your nubile nymphs, your ice cream and cocktails for just a little longer . . . . . . . . . I'M COMING!!!!!

K-Boy, too little too late, as usual. No need to risk that parachute ripping from TOO MUCH WEIGHT when you try to use it, so don't come jumping down from the skies to try to steal some of the glory of "rescuing" me when I've already rescued myself.


Why not a Boogle-Boogle maps? Nobody will get lost anymore. Oldgranny won't be confused. Pataquada will be able to find water easily. Bugosiland, Bonga-Bonga, Nether-Nether-Bonga, Further-Farther-Bonga. Even that place on the photo where Hippolytus has found fabled nubile nymphs that June said they were all maidens. Ahmn! Ahmn!


Oh dear more nitwits roaming the desert, no wonder these people hid away in the nether nether regions


He thinks he can also, as well...........


Compass probably wouldn't help....and why does K_Boy need a parachute....I thought he could fly.....


I wish I had a compass................


Fear not Mr.Squirty - I am with unclebluebottle in the houseycopter.........and I have a parachute!.......


Granny has from her rescue mission........
She has reached the skies above Nether-Nether-Bonga (or possibly, maybe, Further-Farther-Bonga, or even Nether-Further-Farther-Nether-Bonga), and is putting on a display of her aviation skills for anyone who may, or may not, be watching from down below..........
However, unclebluebottle has successfully taken to the air in a houseycopter loaded with water balloons, so relief is at hand........possibly.........maybe........perhaps.......


can't be an arrow unless you have come to the end of it, otherwise it's just a shaft - or line of rocks. And granny is looking for an arrow. I do hope you meet up with each other soon.


Look closely SLOGranny! I laid out an arrow of rocks pointing in the direction I walked, when I left the pinkybike. I figured that'd give you two chances, either find me or find my bike-thingy and know which way to search.

I'll not wait, though. I'll trek on, so keep widening your search pattern in the direction of the arrow. (I just hope I haven't started wandering in circles!)

Hippolytus, you're as bad as that mangy mutt, that scurrilous cur Dog Daze. BE WARNED! You should start thinking about this: in my opinion the world won't miss one bike-riding, organ-grinding, boob-grabbing monkey more or less, and it's going to be LESS when I catch up with you!


Follow the shuffling footprints, granny!


Hellooee everybodeee!
I am flying to the rescue of Mr.Squirty.........Am now over Nether-Nether-Bonga........I see a pink girly-bike........but no fat man with a beard...............


Hey, lelabugosi (I think) - cheeeeeky! And I believed him!


That is certainly, possibly, possible, Mr.numerous-numerals........though Hippolytus assures me he took a right turn, whereas we have always believed Further-Farther-Bonga to lie to the left of Nether-Nether-Bonga........(of course, this has never been verified in the past).........


I think they went right thru
Nether Nether Bonga
and came out in the middle of the midst of
Further Farther Bonga
Any geographer would say
the same


Out-of-work-janitor......welcome to the land of Bugosi........I believe Spike told us he was ill....but nobody believed him........
granny-bumfuzzled......a lovely song.......
Mr.Le-Squirt........wave your arms about so that you may (or may not) be seen from the air.....


Oh, I can see that! Where's Spike when you need him?


And actually RJ...Lewis Carroll was quite reasonable in comparison............


Oh, Sir P-Squirt...this song is dedicated to you...

"All day I?ve faced a barren waste/Without the taste of water, cool water.
Old Dan and I with throats burnt dry/ And souls that cry for water,
Cool, clear water.

Keep a-movin?, Dan, don?t you listen to him, Dan,
He?s a devil not a man/And he spreads the burning sand with water,
Cool water.
Dan, can you see that big green tree/ Where the water?s running free
And it?s waiting there for me
And you?


Oh, oh, I fear I have inadvertently stumbled into Lewis Carroll-land, full of Neddy Seagoons and the like. Don't mind me....I'll just crawl slowly out of the picturrrrrrreeeeee............


GGGRRRROOOOAAAAAANNNNNN.........rub it in, you hairy son-whose-father-never-married-your-mother.

Did someone mention a chairy-copter-thingy with water bottles? Search faster! Faster!


Mr.Le-Squirt-bone-dry........Much as I would like to help you, I'm afraid you've squeezed me for the last time...........I have reached the fabled land of the nubile nymphs, and am now doing some squeezing myself..........have just ordered ice-cream..........


I search, and search, and search for.............WATER! I've lost all thought of nubile nymphos and vestigial virgins. I lost my one reliable source of squeezings, Hippolytus, some time ago.....I can't remember when......and since then I've been subsisting on the tender, moist innards of cacti and sometimes a lizard....and once a big spider! Eeeeewwwww!

There is actual historical precedent for my plight, coming out of World War One in East Africa. A British big game hunter and guide of great fame was pressed into service scouting out German Army units. He had an observation point well up on the rise of a long, high ridge line that ran straight west.

To the east he could see a German column of 2,000 soldiers heading toward him. When they got to the point of passing on his left or right, to the north or south of the ridge, they stopped and their officers conferred among themselves. He knew the country well, and knew the south was lush with rivers and streams and abundant water. He knew the country north of the ridge was a barren wasteland, dry as a bone.

The Germans finally made their fateful decision. They angled north and marched to their doom. Not one of them survived to backtrack to safety. All 2,000 died from thirst, without a hostile shot being fired.

Right now, their desiccated bones lying scattered by the winds of time in that vast wasteland are all I can think about! Water.......water.......Hippolytus.........come, let me squeeze you........


Oh no, remember how we missed him the last time he went missing. Dear Uncle Bluebottle do keep a good lookout and take some bottled water for him, you can't miss him, he rides a pink fairycycle and will be very lonely. Bed time for Brits now I hope he is back when I get up.


Juneee........I fear the squirt may be lost......forever!.............Unclebluebottle is setting off on a search......


My dear granny-bumfuzzled........All I said in your quotes was absolutely true - Nether-Bonga IS uninhabited by human beings......Hippolytus is the first to set foot beyond the monument to the sunken hand.......
AS I stated above "With this discovery, our previous assumptions about the desolate, deserted, desert region have been turned on their head"...meaning that we thought the nubile nymphs were the stuff of legend - we now know that they have existed all along......BEYOND Nether-Nether-Bonga.......It is just that nobody had been brave enough to come this far before....
thousands-of-cakes.......yes, that is correct.......sort of......
Tom-minus........The hairy 'nubile' is try and keep up now.......


bless him he looks so happy and I expect the maidens are bored with sun, sand and sangria by now, maybe they think all men are hairy like Hippolytus they will be in for a surprise when the squirt turns up, unless he has a really hairy back. Maybe Lela could get some of their carrier pigeons to mate with his and sort of ginger up the postal service. Get on your bike Paddy before Hyppo corners the market on the Nubies


I agree with many questions....why is one of the nubiles so hairy


Hippolytus mailed a letter telling all & adding pictures. The postal service there is extremely fast. They hire only the fastest of letter carriers. Thanks lela!! :))))
(Time, 1:46)


I am thoroughly bumfuzzled and confabulated concerning the geography of the region......

Not even a month ago, you stated...And I quote "Though the barren, isolated region of Nether-Bonga (known as the land without tadpoles) is uninhabited by human beings (as we know them)..."

And again...but 4 days ago you stated....And again I quote "The monument to the sunken hand is the final outpost of Nether-Bonga........and to our knowledge NOBODY has ever set foot beyond this point - and lived to tell the tale"....

And now, we find Hippolytus cavorting and consorting with...and once again I quote....."Nubile Nymphs" in front of what is apparently a man-made lake with an imposing edifice in the background in a land known as Nether-Nether-Bonga.....SO!!!! is this Bonga in the front of??? OR!!! is this Bonga in the back of??? AND if it's in the back, now did Hippy live to not only find it and tell about it, but take photographic proof in the form of photos.....Inquiring minds want to know....and so do Nosey Nellies..............

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