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Peach Tea Cake.... #2

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I could of glazed the top of it or powder sugared it, but I had other ideas. Its a very moist little cake and the layer of chopped peaches in the middle of it are a great touch. This was made with the local grown fresh peaches I got last weekend at the Manassas Farmers Market. Enjoy!

Here is the recipe from Robryan(Robyn) from jigidi:


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I love the food on Jigidi - no calories and always enough to go round!
This looks absolutely gorgeous. I just wish we had the peaches you have - ours are always like cricket balls and no flavour


Well, that last comment sounded more selfish then I meant it to. By just a bit. :)


Can you make one for me? Or at least defuzz the peaches for me?


I'm so glad I dropped in Dave, just in time for a piece of your delightful Peach Tea Cake, for my morning tea, Thanks Dave, and Rob for the recipe.


Dave, I believe that it is a very good cake, I also must try according to your recipe ☺


Oh my...keep a nice piece for me please...It looks sooooo gooooood. :)


Good to look at--better to eat!! ☺*****Mouth watering!! :O)))


Forgiven and forgotten, Dave :) We all exaggerate to make it more funny :)


Thanks FLoyd!

I'm glad your in that group, Janet as then you'll have more new work to show us! Thanks.

OK els2, if your sure!

I think there may be something left Lorna, and also the recipe is really very easy.


French Vanillia, Cathy, for that little extra flavor!

Your welcome anytime Laura.

No Barb, I was trying to get slices passed on around. Lyndee seemed pretty focused. Its just how I said it. Sorry if it was confusing.

It was excellent Robyn, see the whole cake puzzle for details! Thanks again!!

Sorry you took me wrong Barb, My choice of words could of been better too.


Oh it looks divine! Am I too late? Being in a different time zone to you is the pits!


Oh, no, I ain't got no Diabeetis...So pass a BIG piece for me, quick, before my daughter catches me!


Looks SO yummy, Warbs. I've been at my patchwork group this morning, so I hope I haven't missed out! You seem to have some pretty keen visitors on the comments below me ! Thanks and hugs, janet


WOW!!! That looks great. I hope you made enough to go around.
Thanks Dave.


I think I will have to make my own, I'm not on speaking terms with Dave :((((((


LOL!! Make your own Barb :)))) It's dead easy!!!
I'm really pleased for you Dave:)))) Did it taste good? It certainly looks yummy:))) And....pass the recipe on!!!! All my tennis friends in Townsville got a copy back around 1980 - and now it's gone global!!! Thanks :)))


Dave, do you mean, I can not have my own piece but have to steal someone else piece????????????


Oh well, er...I was just in the neighborhood. Oh, ok, I don't mind of I do!


With ice cream !!!!!!! Oh boy! Oh boy!
This is getting better and better!!!!!!!!


Please sit and enjoy it Jacki, while we talk art!

Remember you can't get back in the water for an hour, smllpkg! :)

I used to think Farmers markets were expensive, jyl, but they do rock! They don't seem to be really any more expensive but the quality and flavor is so much better its amazing.

I just put it above in the description, Pat. Its fast and easy as Robryan says. And tasty too.

Thats how I had it tonight, joy and it was a treat. I almost forgot to take photos. Thanks.


Just for you Lyndee!

Yikes snooker. Cut the pieces smaller...

Enjoy Patti!

(ok Barb, I'll call Lyndee over for a second and grab her piece off her plate)

I see you got your screen cleared off Ellen! :))

Wow, that was amazing, Laura, Welcome to Va!! Come in, have some cake!

That really good to eat and with icecream


Bought some peaches today for a cobbler .... can you share the recipe??


Yummmm! Thanks for the baking and the extra baking, and especially for the so generous sharing! Farmers' markets rock, don't they?


Vanilla ice cream? I think I've died and gone to heaven! ☺


Oh, yum. Thanks so much! This is delicious!


Zoom...I'm at your door!




Looking so divine and the whipped cream on top is YUM! And I'm so hungry!


Oh! And here it is!!! Yummmmm!

Better start baking, warb. This one will be gone in a few seconds.


While they all fighting over the uncut cake, I'll get started on this piece that's all ready for me!!!!