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full moon in Winter- Switzerland

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  1. raili88816:29
  2. joaniebaloney16:34
  3. PuzzleGramma18:26
  4. busker18:27
  5. Toku_Floyd18:53
  6. Mel2319:05
  7. as13119:42
  8. ECsArts20:43
  9. debdaz21:09
  10. nikky4life21:40


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DivaAnn, cool, thank you for that input, makes sense now.

Have a good day, cheers mate.


@Toku_Floyd - if you enlarge the photo, you can see a huge spotlight to the left of the church which lights up the entire area in front of the church and the mountainside. There may be other spotlights behind all those trees that I cannot see.


Hi DivaAnn, you are right about the heart, looks like it was drawn in the snow and not a photoshop creation.

My photoshop comment comes from looking at the picture and wondering where the light source is?

Can't be the moon, as it is behind the illuminated objects, the sky is still a daylight looking sky, so the illumination is possibly the sun. This means that the moon is possibly added by photoshop as it is too bright for the time of day and the sky brightness, or the moon was there and enhanced by photoshop.

But, not knowing how the picture was taken, there is a possibility that the photographer mounted a series of spot and floodlights off to his left, so that the effect could be achieved!

And finally, judging by the type of picture, it was taken by a mobile phone and there is a possibility that this was a lucky person, in the right place at the right time and until the original photographer comes forward, we will never know.

So that is why I think it has been photoshopped, which is not detracting from the very good picture.


Not sure why you would say it has been photoshopped. I see a heart in the snow in the foreground.


The beauty of Switzerland always impresses me.


Nice looking picture, looks like a chocolate box cover.
I guess that it has been photoshopped.

Thank you for sharing.

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