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I just finished this last week. 500 pieces. A lot of fun and some frustration to work.
I started with the frame of course, and then onto the wreath. That took a while.
I sent it on its way with my sister so she can put it together. A dollar or two at the thrift store and all the pieces were there.
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You have just described book loving readers. Why do we keep buying when we have so many unread?
I do have 2 bookshelves full, but I'm hoping to pare that stash down too.
And my best friend keeps sharing hers with me so I try to fit those in too. ♥


I have been trying to read my books and then donate them. I am almost at 150 books since last June. At least I am getting books out of my house. Too many books, too little time to try and read them more than once. I keep saying when I get all my books read, I will just get books out of the library. I still have tons of my own books to read. Then we go to library book sales. It’s a never ending cycle. I do read library books when I see ones I just have to read.


Thanks, Donna.
I'm making progress on it and I'm enjoying it. If it gets too frustrating, I will put it back in the box.
I think the world has lost its ability to focus on .=something for longer than 30 seconds.
That's why I try to read books and piece real puzzles versus virtual ones. Okay, I do both. lol

You are very right. Life is short. You are very aware of that with the amount of loss in your life and I have just been reminded of it with my brother's passing.
Hugs to you, my sweet soul sister!


The reason I have not done a bunch of regular puzzles is the same reason you haven’t. Too many online puzzles is so much faster than one on a table. The last time I tried to solve one was a bunch of different donuts.i never finished it. I got frustrated. Take care, Judy. Life is too short. Do what gives you pleasure. Hugs, Soul Sister.


It had more than one wild cut. lol
Thanks for solve and comment!


Juba, that would help greatly. lol

That's a pretty wild cut on that one!
A little added challenge I guess.


I like the way all the edge pieces are aligned to the correct side on jigidi.


Same here, Donna.
Since I've been incapacitated, people have sent me puzzles. And I find it's a good break for my eyes. I do find a little impatience at laying all the pieces out and turning them right side up and I think that stems from too many on-line puzzles. It's so much easier to solve them on here. lol

Start your beach puzzle!

Your hubby sounds like a very handy hubby. ♥


Judy, if you lived near us, I would have hubby make you a frame. He and our son made frames for all our son's art work. All of his art work has matching frames. And he gets plexiglass custom cut to cover the art. Our son has entered a number of juried art shows and even won some and sold some. I have a puzzle that I have been meaning to solve for a few years. All my puzzles are stacked up. I get to involved with jigidi to try and solve a regular jigsaw puzzle anymore. But this puzzle is a beach picture and I want to solve it and hang it.




Yep! You got it.

Thank you, Bev. I'm doing pretty good most of the time. God bless you.

Thank you. Even though it was more of a winter puzzle, I enjoyed it and my sister liked it too.

I've framed a couple before. It is hard to find a frame to fit them and I don't want to pay custom prices. Plus I don't really have a place to hang them.
The colors were nice. :-))

We did a lot of 1000 pieces. Once we even did a 2000. Hubby helped me with that. It took a while. One of those huge scenes with smaller scenes inside it. Kind of like a Where's Waldo picture.
It was fun, my oldest son gave that to me. It's a good way to give my eyes a break from screens. :-))


Judy before discovering Jigidi 1,000 piece puzzles were my preference. They are fun, enjoy it.


This is pretty. I would glue it to a fam board, frame it and hang it. I love the colors.


A beautiful creation, Jals. Thank you for a wonderful puzzle.


That is beautiful. Good on you Judy. Hoping your days are better for you.


Oh now I see. Strangely shaped pieces. Cool.



It was difficult at times, until I kind of figured out how they worked. Like 2 little ones make up a space that looks like it would be for one large piece.

Thanks, Jill It was fun. I'm starting a 1000 pc. now. Way too many pieces. lol

Totally accidental. My husband loves to check out thrift stores both here and in other towns. I was with him and noticed the puzzles. It turned out well.
You are welcome. Thanks for the comment and solve!


Wow, lucky find! Thanks for posting :-))


That’s great Judy would have been a fun solve. Well done.


The red background looks pretty unforgiving. Nice work, Judy. :-)

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