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Clematis in the garden of an historic site

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  1. JillianB1:04
  2. goingsilver1:08
  3. Ianto1:11
  4. sara343581:12
  5. pavla71:14
  6. MissJewely1:17
  7. tansiokchoo1:26
  8. Bikerkath1:26
  9. Ejc1:27
  10. RozF1:35


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. . . Linda, I did a bit of research. Wow, I didn’t know the varieties of these flowers ! Google says they grow well in hardiness zones #4 - 9, and I believe you’re in #10, (I think that’s right). One of the puzzle ladies that commented here is Marina, she lives in Athens, Greece and Clematis grows there! So I suggest going to your local nursery to ask their opinion. Just for fun, look at the Clematises that Amazon sells :)) One is a large, brilliant red, with a white center! Well, it’s late, so I’ll turn in. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.


G’morning Linda, I’m sorry I missed chatting with you last nite, I didn’t see your note till almost midnight. I’m glad you like this flower, in the morning I’ll see what I can find out about its heat tolerance. I grow an Autumn Clematis, which has clusters of small white flowers, blooming on a pretty vine and smells wonderful ! I’ll check on that one too :) Have a good day . . .


Hi Tea.. Was away for awhile. These flowers I am not familiar with. The color is really a beautiful shade of purple.. Do you know if they can withstand extreme heat? I would love to buy some plantings and put them in my garden. They are beautiful . Have a great Friday. Thank you for posting this photo shot. Linda


. . These grow in Athens? Cool :)


I love clematis, it has nice flowers and grows fast. TFS.

More tomorrow.


. . . Thank you Jill and Ianto. Probably the Clematis was planted on the edge of the garden to get a little more sun, the rest of the garden was fairly shaded. I’ll post another color of the Clematis tomorrow :)

They has plenty of fun. So am I.


Love the colour range of your flowers today Tea. Super thank you


Ianto, Lorna met her friends at a botanical garden this week . . I think I’m a little jealous, that sounds like so much fun to walk thru a garden with friends !! Dumb ole pandemic.



Thank you Lorna :)
The whole garden was laced with dappled sunshine at mid day, so it was much cooler than anywhere else. I’ll take you and Ianto with me next :))

Okay not a problem.


Oops, sorry Ianto!


Simply gorgeous!

Good Morning, Tea

I guess I am.


G’morning Ianto :) Thank you for working my puzzles, I noticed you’re sitting at the top of the boards, again! Have a great Friday . .

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