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The Sitting Room of Lincoln's Home

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Opposite the parlor is the sitting room, located in the southwest corner. This room functioned much like today's family room and was a place where the Lincoln boys could be found playing.

The Lincoln family used the large room for entertaining as well. In 1859 Mary Lincoln wrote to a friend about a birthday party for their nine-year-old son. "Willie's birthday came off on the 21st of Dec. and as I had long promised him a celebration, it duly came off. Some 50 or 60 boys & girls attended the gala..."
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They did like color and pattern didn't they!


It's a very cheerful room!
Great tour Lyndee.


The wallpaper wouldn't be my choice,
but this was over 150 years ago.


Thanks everyone. A little busy for me but I guess it was the way they decorated back then.


Great room, so warm and cozy :)


What a great room!


Very cozy and comfortable. Thanks so much Lyndee. Hugs.


Very cozy place...


Home is where the heart(h) is! So many years ago.


Lots of history between these walls! great shot Lyndee

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