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This barn used to have a mural painted on this end, but it was deteriorating and now has been painted over. It seems people take care of this building.

Taken January 15, 2022

By the way, I may be missing for a few days.
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Thanks, GG, belatedly. I'm trying not to overdo, but it's hard to know the boundaries.
I'm not pain-free yet, Sylvia, but I'm working toward it.


Li is back! I do hope everything went well for you and you are painfree! I am with Gospelgrandma, please be extra careful, wishing you a quick and good recovery! Love to hear from you, thank you!


Thanks for commenting, but try not to over do it, Li! May you heal quickly! ☺☺


I'm having a hard time typing, so right now I'm just going to say thank you to GG, Jackie, and Putem.

Love to see well kept farm buildings.

Very pretty photo Li, Give me a call today if, you feel like talking. Hugs and love. Hope to hear from you.


Yes, please do that, Li!


Thanks, GG. I don't believe I have your email address. I have Laura's. maybe I can send her a message and she can pass it along to you.


It does seem to be kept up well, and I'm glad! Thank you for the puzzle! Will miss you should you be away for a few days. ☺


Oh, thank you so much, Jillian. I truly appreciate your kind words and thoughts.


Looks like it Li, lovely photo, thank you. Thinking of you and believing for the best


They do seem to care for this one, Sylvia. I'm glad to see that some people are responsible owners. Blessings.
So sad, Sharon, especially in an area open to the public like that. I suppose it's since fallen down. Bless you.


That is one BIG barn! Much better shape than ours at the Natural History Area. That was so dilapidated we didn't let people go into it.


A luxury barn and it sure is being taken good care of! Thank you!

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