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Hammeren Lighthouse (Hammeren Fyr), Bornholm, Denmark

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In today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we visit Hammeren Lighthouse (Hammeren Fyr). It is situated on the northern tip of Bornholm, an island in Denmark, near the cliffs of Hammeren. It is an essential beacon in the Baltic Sea, guiding maritime traffic and marking the entrance to the port of Sandvig.
Built in 1872, it is a significant landmark for its historical value and architectural beauty.

The structure is notable for its stark, cylindrical shape and location amidst Hammeren's rocky coast's rugged, natural landscape. The area surrounding the lighthouse is known for its scenic beauty, including dramatic cliffs, rich wildlife, and panoramic sea views, making it a popular spot for hiking.

Hammeren Lighthouse has been deactivated since the 1990s. Visitors are welcome during the summer and get the opportunity to enjoy the historic lighthouse, which stands as a testament to the island's maritime heritage and the importance of lighthouses in ensuring the safety of ships at sea ♥

So, what do you say - are up for a visit to Hammeren Lighthouse with us right now? (Say yes! ♥)
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Sure looks solid and secure. Thank you


I was exhausted walking the stairway (s). It would be a place I would visit, with younger legs. Thank you for the picture and video. 3-1-24


Delightful! Thank you! 😊

Beautiful. The virtual tour felt real.

mooie kerk

Lovely picture, thank you.

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