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Leaves going into the woods

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Nev, In the fall the lawn company cones a couple of times a week to do the leaves.
At this spot it is easier to blow the leaves into the woods.

I'm sure that Barry is happy when hs leaves are on the ground.


Jolene, we don't have the same trees as you here in Oz. Hence there is never a problem with leaves. Eucalyptus trees drop a few leaves now and then, but if they fall on the lawn, a mower easily picks them up. ♥♥♥

Nothing wrong with using the leaves for compost.
So many ways to clean them up/


I just mow them up with the lawn mower, I set the blade height above the grass level and they are all hoovered up into the mower basket and also minced up, it makes excellent compost and with being minced up composts much quicker.

Volltar: with a complex this large a rake will take way to long. Rakes will not work in the parking lot, At least you have the attachment.

Irina, I agree on the noise. I guess that they are everywhere.


да :)


Лучше, чем грабли


Как вы говорите, это громкие, но очень полезные инструменты.


Знакомые воздуходувки. Они противно шумят, но эффективно убирают!!


Easier than raking. I don't have a backpack blower. I have an attachment for my Stihl Kombi System weedeater. It is very powerful :) I of course compost the leaves.

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