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For a colourful Thursday :)) IV

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  1. RanaLatastei21:36
  2. RacheyyG22:57
  3. annusyka23:26
  4. MIMIC23:28
  5. huet24:00
  6. ture7824:05
  7. Eleanor_Gash24:36
  8. ianwill25:11
  9. ajmastello26:48
  10. trippsmom27:28


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Thanks for coming round and doing my creation Queen, it wouldn't be the same fun creating puzzles without people like you dropping by and leaving lovely comments. :)))


Thanks for creating this and posting it. It was lovely, tricky but lovely.


I also like them colourful but a bit tricky so that they don't end to quickly. :))) Thanks for dropping by and I do enjoy your comments. :)))


Thanks Debs, I usually also amaze myself what I come up with, if I would post some of these images you would have a good laugh (but no good puzzle :)), I'm glad you had fun, I'm looking forward to your crochet this afternoon. No mountains this weekend so I hope I'll have some time to catch up here in Jigidi. :))) Have a nice weekend, with a bit of luck you might even get a warm bright autumn day -one shoud never give up hope LOL- and enjoy whatever you have planned for it. :)))

Great puzzle. Trickier than it looked (I like 'em like that).


You never cease to amaze me Dagmar!! This was so different again, and I loved each and every piece. Thank you for a wonderfully colourful Thursday :)

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