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Third Continuation of John's Virtual Birthday Party. All Are Welcome. (Apr20P11)

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“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."
- William Shakespeare.

It is now Virtual Time 2pm, 4 April 2020.

After enjoying our lunch at the Virtual 2 Stars Michelin restaurant in Nice, we will fly back to our hotel on our Magic Carpets and take a short nap or just enjoy the scenic view of the Baie des Anges (Bay of the Angels) from our hotel balcony which offers gorgeous views of the pebblestoned beach and sea. Some friends may wish to take a stroll along the breathtaking coastline.

John and I love to watch the colour of the sea as it changes its colours when the sun hits it and let it display its gorgeous shades of blue. The water sparkles like diamonds.

When my eyes turn towards the palm trees swaying in the breeze, it makes me think of dancing tonight at the grand ballroom.

It is now Virtual Time, 3pm, 4 April 2020.

For this afternoon's activity, I will let our group of trusty Magic Carpets organise it.

I know that they have been flying off to explore for off the beaten path places where they can fly us to so that we can all spend a relaxing afternoon before tonight's event. They had just finished their meeting and have now told me their plans.

Come on friends, hop onto your assigned Magic Carpet and it will bring you to a secret place.

And in a jiffy, we arrive at this secret destination where only Magic Carpets know :

It is a breathtaking and serene view of a blue, calm lake surrounded by green mountains and fields of lovely and colourful wild flowers.

The sky is a lovely shade of soft blue with puffy white clouds.

The air is amazing fresh. We feel so energised by it.

We found a lovely spot to sit, relax and just admire the beautiful view.

Groups of friends are sitted together and enjoying their chats and adventures of the day. The Virtual Organiser has arranged for bottles of the finest French wine and baskets of seasonal fruits for us to partake while we delight in the beauty and wonder of nature.

All the ladies receive a gift of a lovely white lacy parasol.

I will inform you (in real time, a few days later) of the activities for the evening and night of 4 April 2020.

Just "follow me" on my puzzle page :-0

This puzzle is posted in one size only - 12 pieces.

I hope that you like this puzzle that I have drawn, have enjoyed the virtual afternoon together with friends and have also enjoyed piecing this puzzle together.

Jason :-)

For new comers to John's virtual party, the 3 previous party puzzles are located at :

and the final one for this April Virtual Birthday Party for John is located at :

PS : As this is a birthday puzzle, please keep all comments positive and auspicious (as I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays - especially, please do not mention or write anything that has to do with the opposite of being healthy, alive, well or living). Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Smiles & Peace to all ;-)


Hello Jim,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

Thank you for introducing yourself and for attending the continuation to my best friend, John's virtual birthday party :-)

I am so happy that a new friend has joined this party. This virtual party is always on and the virtual food and drinks are always fresh and plentiful. Please enjoy.

If you like virtual parties or mosaic puzzles, I hope to see you again, as on the 1st of every month I will celebrate the birthday of gals and boys born in that month.

This puzzle is a very simple one that I have drawn. Most of my puzzles are "mosaics".

I am thankful for all folks who have attended as they are friendly people who keep the mood of the party a happy and uplifting one.

Welcome Smiles,
Jason :-)




Hello Maria, thank you for introducing yourself to Jim :-)

Friendship Smiles,
Jason :-)


Thank you, Irene for welcoming Jim to John's virtual birthday party :-)

Appreciative Smiles,
Jason :-)


There is a Sir Hoff Sloth party going on as well, at his compound. You are more than welcome to join in on the craziness. ;-))


like parties!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Jim welcome to Jason's virtual party. My name is Irene.


nice to meet you maria.


Hello, Jim. My name is Maria. ;-)


hello, my name is jim


You are right, Solid. I painted this scenery to depict the lake and fields of wild flowers where we will be spending the late afternoon.

It is wonderful to have you with us here.

Smiles of Lovely Scenery,
Jason :-)


The painting is just waiting for the people to arrive :0)


Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

I have just posted the final puzzle for John's virtual April birthday party.

It is located at :

John and I look forward to your visit :-)

Smiles and Greetings,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Nancy,

It makes us happy to see that you are enjoying yourself and are having plenty of fun activities in Nice.

That antique bookshop is now drawing a big crowd. It is the talk of the town. Business has been so great for the owner that he is grinning from ear to ear.

Books and postcards, flowers and chocolate eclairs - lovely treats.

The Promenade walk is always a must when one is in Nice and I am glad that you have enjoyed that, too.

Nancy, do you still remember the dance steps that I have taught you? How to pose when there is a brief "pause" in the dance?

John and I are looking forward to this evening activities, too (which in real life, will be revealed in the final puzzle for this series of "John's Virtual Birthday Party". Probably in a few days' time, I will post a new puzzle. Right now, I am in the process of creating one.)

Smiles of Lovely Treats,
Jason and John :-))


Wow!! How time flies when I am in a bookstore!!! Thanks @irisriver Iris for showing me where it was! I finally tore myself out of there (after getting their business card) and came for a walk on the beach and some chatting with other jigidiers! Took many photos to remember this special day forever** I had my books sent home and my flowers and postcards sent to my room...along with some more chocolate eclairs ;))

It is wonderful to see you and John mingling with your guests, chatting with each group and having photos taken. I can hardly wait to see what this evenings festivities will be!!

Much love and healthy hugs for you both,


Iris, then, I am sure that you will like Nice, too.

There are many art galleries, museums and architecture of another era here. The villages and towns in the Provence have a lot to offer, too.

I love to travel - used to spend 3 months overseas each time I travelled with John during Spring and Autumn.

Nowadays, virtual travel is good fun, too :-0

Smiles of Virtual Travels,
Jason and John :-))


I love these journeys of imagination because they remind me of my college years and the study abroad adventures I had in London England and various parts of Italy. On these trips I studied theater and renaissance art and architecture. I gained a deep appreciation for other lands, people and art.


Dear Rita,

You have chosen fresh fish for lunch. That is a good decision as the Virtual Restaurant has the freshest and best supply of fish direct from the fishermen. The description of your fish dish makes my mouth water.

Chocolate mousse and lemon lavender tart - oh, I am sure that they are amazing. I want to go back to the restaurant for them, now :-0

And champagne to go with all of the above - I would certainly like to have that, too.

John and I are happy that you have enjoyed your trip to the lake with wild flowers. Yes, the weather was perfect - just the right amount of sunshine and a lovely breeze to keep us cool and fresh.

Enjoying wine and fresh fruits in the company of friends and amidst nature is a nice way to spend a late afternoon.

Smiles of Delicious Food,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Petsmom,

It is wonderful to know that you have enjoyed the afternoon - from lunch right to the highlight of the late afternoon - a visit to see the wild flowers.

So happy that you have enjoyed lunch. Desserts are always a hit. How wise of you to choose the sampler. I should have thought of that too. French desserts - just the sight of them, their aroma, their textures, their colours and the way that they display them, and, of course, their delectable taste.

A nap in the late afternoon is great. A beauty sleep.

I am pleased that you like the parasol - just something practical for the afternoon at the fields of wild flowers and as a take home gift and souvenir of France.

Smiles of Beauty Sleep,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Iris,

It is always wonderful to read your experiences at the virtual party because you are always having fun and having new discoveries :-))

Thank you for bringing life to this virtual party and for making it "real".

The birds were happy and peaceful ones with beautifully coloured feathers.

John and I are happy that you have taken the time to explore the hotel's grounds, too. There are lots of plants and their foliage is so green and fresh. The aroma from some of the flowers made me feel like I am in a French perfumery.

And, we see that you have already checked out the hotel's swimming pool - always a nice and relaxing meeting place for friends. Ah, you have found some friendly local folks who are delighted to converse with you in French.

The Caesar Salad at the Virtual Restaurant was a hit. And you had French Onion Soup to go along with it. A filling meal. The bread was good, too.

Iris, you are really enjoying life the French way - with pleasure and enjoyment through beautiful surroundings, excellent food, socialising with friends, admiring the arts, etc.

Il faut croquer la vie à pleines dents.

Smiles of Admiration,
Jason and John :-))

J&J, the lunch was incredible! I had fresh fish sautéed wit butter, garlic and wine. For dessert I chose the chocolate mousse and a lemon lavender tart that was amazing. Had champagne with lunch as well. I'm getting used to my magic carpet; it's the only way to travel. The lake was beautiful, weather perfect and so many Jigidiers to chat with as we sipped the French wine. Another perfect day together. Love to all,Rita


Hi Jason and John. This has been a great afternoon. Lunch was amazing. Everything was delicious. I will confess that one of my favorite courses was the "no weight gain" desserts. I chose the sampler and was very pleased. All those decadent French cakes, pies, and pastries. I had to go straight to the hotel and take a nap. I'm getting ready to take a walk on the beach since some of the other guests have told me that it's beautiful. Thanks for the lovely parasol. When I get back home it will be a reminder of this wonderful trip. I'm so glad you invited me to John's birthday celebration. See you after while.


What a wonderful Magic Carpet Afternoon. Picnics, Parasols, Nature and Friendship can not be beat. I found several new birds that I have never seen before along the waters and meadow. The wildflowers were incredible. The time spent at our hotels grounds was wonderful too.
I too enjoyed the Caesar Salad and also had the French Onion Soup. Also spent long hours swimming in the pool and chatting with everyone both Jigidi guests and the local folks. Amazing how many people spoke excellent English. It was a fun opportunity to learn a little bit of French too. ☺


Hello Val and Jim,

John and I are happy that both of you have enjoyed your lunch and the magic carpet trip to the lake which is surrounded by mountains and fields of wild flowers.

We saw you and Jim walking along the beach and are glad that the parasol has come in handy. So elegant.

Smiles of Great Food and Lovely Beach Strolls,
Jason and John :-))


Thank you Jason and John, we have had a lovely meal enjoyed the trip on the magic carpet, now a walk on the beach with my parasol. Love your new puzzle Jason☺♥


Sparky, I am happy that you have enjoyed yourself at the picnic at the fields of wild flowers.

Thank you for the compliment.

The party is a success because many of the friends at the party have good imagination and are willingly to contribute to the spirit of the party.

Oh, I am happy to know that I have brighten up your days.

Happy Smiles,
Jason and John.



John and I are so happy that you are having a great time at this party.

It is, of course, wonderful to hear that you have enjoyed your lunch and the scenery that Nice has to offer as well as virtual ones discovered by the Magic Carpets.

Flying on a Virtual Magic Carpet is very safe. No one has ever fallen off one :-0
You get a bird's eyeview of all places. You are right, Lorna, it is an adventure.
I always use Magic Carpets at virtual birthday parties that I organise.

I am delighted that the fine wine pleases you and that the parasol came in handy.
I thought that it will make a lovely and practical gift for the ladies on this virtual outing to view the wild flowers. You and all the ladies look so elegant holding onto the parasol.
It brings me to a genteel era.

Mentioning about lobsters, no, you have not turned red under the gentle sun. Now, about the lobsters at the restaurant, some of us have them at lunch and they were so delicious.

I am happy to host this party for all of you to have a happy time together :-)

Smiles of Happy Times,
Jason and John :-))


Chelsey and Chelsey,

It is wonderful to hear that both of you had a wonderful time.

So glad to know that you have an enjoyable time at the virtual restaurant. This restaurant is famous for their Caesar Salad, so you have picked a winner and a healthy one, too.

I am sure that Chelsey and you have enjoyed the walk along the beach. Good decision.

Another good decision - taking a beauty sleep before the celebration continues for this evening.

John and I will keep a lookout for both of you.

Smiles of Relaxation,
Jason and John.



You are always welcome at my virtual birthday parties. And I am glad that you came and had fun. Thank you for the compliment.

John said : " Dear Joanne, I am honoured by your presence at my virtual party. These parties are meant for having a good time with friends and for everyone who would like to join us and you are our friend. Jason told me that in a few days' time he will wrap up this party, so please be sure to be at the finale. "

Smiles of Warm Welcome,
Jason and John :-))



Thank you for your birthday greetings to John.

John said : "Hi Jayne. Yes, I have to admit that I am very lucky to have Jason as my best buddy. You have just taken the words out of my mouth when you described him as being thoughtful and kind. In real life, he definitely is. I could not ask for more in a friend. In virtual birthday parties, he organises great events - this is just my opinion. In real life, the PartyBoy does not party at all :-0"

Jayne, you are most welcome to John's virtual birthday party. Thank you for being here and enjoying it with us. You have a good eye for details and you do know how to join in the fun of virtual events :-)

John and I are delighted that you like this party.

Smiling - because the Virtual Party is a Success,
Jason and John :-))


Such a wonderful picnic spot xxxx Jason I dare say you could write a novel or two ☺☺ xxxx you make us feel part of your wonderful imagination - for which I thank you xx you always brighten up my days ☺☺☺♥


Oh my goodness, what a party this is! Lunch, and the scenery were both utterly divine. I have travelled on many varied modes of transport but the Magic Carpet is a first for me - amazing, but scary too without a seat belt or anything to hang on to. But what an adventure! Our destination is so beautiful and with fine company and of course the fine wine, what more could we possibly want. Thanks for the parasol - I'd look like a lobster without it... Thank you so much Jason, you and John are great hosts and I'm having a ball! Lorna


Thank you, Jason for a wonderful time. I enjoyed the restaurant, their Caesar salad was the best I ever had. Then I took Chelsey for a walk on the beach, we both loved it very much. I know it is going to be a beautiful and busy evening so I am going to rest for couple hours now. And Chelsey needs his beauty sleep. See you and John tonight.


Hi John and Jason, Oh what great and elaborate parties you throw. This is a great way to always celebrate as it's so much fun. Thanks, Jason for creating. Thanks, John for allowing us to celebrate with you.


Happy Birthday, John!! How lucky you are to have your thoughtful and kind PartyBoy, Jason, throwing a worldwide gathering for you, complete with handmade decorations for your party scene. And, dear Jason, thank you for the invitation to join your party in your virtual world! I visited Nice yesterday via this link and had a wonderful trip!


Hi Clive, I am glad that you have enjoyed a relaxing afternoon (virtual time for this puzzle is 2pm - 4.30pm, 4 April 2020).

Thank you for wishing me a good night sleep. I definitely will need that. Well, I am going to bed, now.

In real time, John is already fast asleep :-)

Smiles of Sweet Dreams,
Jason :-)


Thank you, Irene for letting me know that you have enjoyed the lunch and the walk along the beach. It is a must to take a walk on the famous Promenade of Nice - there is so much to see.

I hope that you have enjoyed the trip to see the wild flowers, too - courtesy of all the Magic Carpets.

A nap is good. In fact, that is what everyone will be encouraged to do before the evening activities begin (in the next puzzle, of course) :-0

Smiles for an Intelligent Lady,
Jason and John :-))


Jason And John waiting for the secret place to pop up enjoy your rest and enjoy your sleep.....time here 17:27 and it is a delightfull light evening.


Lunch was delicious, and Thank you John for picking up the tab. I enjoyed my walk down along the beach, and now I am going to have a nap before the evening activities.


Welcome, Concepcion to our trip to the virtual fields of wild flowers.

Thank you for the compliment and for appreciating my drawing even though I am just a novice and my attempt at drawing and painting is very elementary.

John and I are delighted that you have enjoyed your virtual trip to France.

Smiles of Greetings to a Friend,
Jason and John :-))


Beautiful drawing Jason and lovely virtual trip to France !! Thanks for sharing. Greetings, Concepcion


Hello Watchman,

Welcome to our afternoon activities. Yes, the celebration of John's birthday is still on :-)

Please have an enjoyable time.

Welcoming Smiles,
Jason and John :-))




Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

It is getting to be late and it will soon be time for me to go to bed.

I will reply to comments tomorrow morning.

Jason :-)
11.55pm, Thursday, 16 April 2020.

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