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Nelson...My best friend
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  1. ralandpat57:28
  2. babica112257:36
  3. infr58:02
  4. SandraE1:00:07
  5. morgans121:08:12
  6. AlePe1:10:29
  7. clairebp581:11:49
  8. mbrezinski1:12:08
  9. wsadie91:23:05
  10. sbsandiapark1:23:28


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These are my favorite dogs on Earth .... but I won't be working this puzzle because, in my opinion, you need to crop at least an inch (or some centimeters) from the bottom. Otherwise, it seems that I will have great fun piecing together the sky and Nelson, and then getting frustrated with all the green and stone. I'm sorry! I don't have enough time left on Earth to go for puzzles that aren't cropped well, or, rather, which will make me frustrated with a lot of similar colors. I apologize for that, because if I could have a dog, this is the breed that I would choose.

Thanks, Satira!

Your very lucky.....


i just look at that sweet face and smile.


What a beautiful dog!!

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