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Lion on bag on bed

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Despite his comfy bed or mine he chooses to lay on plastic?!
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  1. Dclo1:50
  2. leslieg1:56
  3. gadzeus2:13
  4. MNBrown2:18
  5. marunka2772:22
  6. Brie16482:26
  7. JM_Cookie2:27
  8. wozzles2:34
  9. valt142:40
  10. Hillsidefarm2:43


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Piękny ! :)😊


Beakenny: the orange cats are the best of the cats I’ve known, that’s for sure!


Beyond words: yes, Lion is still thriving! His childhood friend is away at Medical school but she visits on vacations.


I am a big fan of orange cats. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous cat with a beautiful face.


Handsome cat. And yes, some cats do choose plastic. Is Lion still with you?


So beautiful cat and photo. Thank you.


Life with cats! ;)


Sorry to disappoint.


a pussycat named lion needs the name in quotes.


He's a good looking boy , our kitty does the same thing and he has many soft spots to relax on. They are something special.


I was just going through my "Completed puzzles looking for the "Frozen Water" one and saw Lion and noticed it has been done 166 times! So then i thought to look at comments. I am surprised to see the recent dates! I will see if I can remember how to post another puzzle of my favorite feline. Thanks for everyone's comments!


Oh Leslie - he is indeed Pumpkin! Please tell him he has a doppelganger sister over the Rainbow Bridge - sadly missed.
I am glad to see he is working on the feline premise - "Yes I can, and you won't be able to do a thing about it!"
Is he into paper bags too? Pumpkin's sister loves paper and it is "See paper, must shred!"


If there's anything put on the bed, other than my blanket, I have to go and lay on it.
It drives my servants mad, ha ha!


Hi, Leslie, just dropped by to see if you had anymore puzzles. I'd love to see more of Lion.


He follows me around and usually gets in the way of whatever I am doing. This time I was ironing some shirts so he settled nearby. Thanks for your comment. Its my first time putting out a puzzle.


Awwww....... Lion is beautiful and he can rest anywhere he wants! :)))

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