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Enjoy This One! Guy Rose And 'The Green Parasol" Such A Beautiful Shade Of Blue

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1911, Impressionism, Oil on Canvas
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  1. snowbirdx5:19
  2. lucielia5:23
  3. icezin5:28
  4. Evelynn5:31
  5. rafanadal5:40
  6. EmmieH6:14
  7. daisy226:19
  8. Kasperas6:21
  9. ginkgo6:23
  10. delanee6:30


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My fingers trip all over themselves, that is what spell check is for, my dear.
I couldn't live without it, and if I see that I have made a spelling error, I
copy/paste my comment to a new comment, correct the spelling error and
delete the old comment, and no one is the wiser. If spell check is turned
on, it underlines in red the error and you click on that word and the correct
spelling will appear, you click on that and voila'. You are sending on a
correctly spelled comment, it isn't hard, it doesn't take up time, and those
who read it, appreciate it. So my friend turn on your spell check so I don't
get confused in my old age, I have enough problems with seeing now. : )
Hugs, jlou


brightspark, your fingers are a little fast. The tripped over themselves in your
previous comment. I couldn't live without my spell check reminding me that
I did that. And lately when I am tired, I might spell 'hear' for 'here'. I find my
self doing that so frequently. I miss the typewriter, but the computer enables
me to keep from making mistakes, unless it doesn't know which word I am
meaning, the ones that sound alike.


brightspark, when one is hungry, that kind of snack always hits the spot.
This puzzle was so enjoyable, the colors so lovely, hope you can find
time to solve it.


Glad you liked in Lunie, I am going to start this one after I get a
snack, few peanut butter on crackers kind of snack it is after
3 a. m.

Hugs, jlou


Thanks jlou! She is pretty and such a lovely blue color...but i am out of the LB again...

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