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During my walk

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Hi girls, no this cutie was not afraid at all. I always like it yhe way they can play with a young dog. Then they wait till the dog is close and then they fly, not so far, and they wait at the ground again, till the dog is close and there they go again. It's so lovely to see. Yes this cuties are smart.


Honestly I think he hoped that you had something nice in your pocket. They eat whatever they are able to get, if you by chance should eat a French hot dog with garlic dip, they like it VERY much!!


These guys are everywhere! I have been in quite a few countries and there they are.


Crows are just as smart! :)


...and he just stood there without a worry in the world. He wasn't at all afraid of you until you got closer, perhaps!!


Hi Patti and Pat, yes it's nice, I walk and he flies. It's a Crow Patti, we don't have Raven in this part of NL. And it's a small kind. We call it Kauw, according to my dictionary Jackdaw.

Always nice to have company.


Raven or crow? I think raven. They are so smart!


Wat toevallig. Luxe hoor, ouders. De mijne zijn helaas jong gestorven.M'n vader 40 jaar en mijn moeder 33 jaar geleden. Blijft toch altijd jammer. Dus wees blij met ze.


Grappig, vanmorgen zag ik twee van deze toen ik naar mijn ouders ging.


Hi friends I'm glad you all like this little fellow. I name him Karel. Later in the walk you will see him again when he says bye bye to me.


Then you must give him a name Ank. ( :


Poor thing! he looks so lonely!


I like the black birds - not the blackbirds (I like them too) - very much!! They are so clever!! Thanks so very much Ank!


Well hello little one, keep Ank company.


Do we have some bread crumbs for him? Glad he came along on our walk. Thanks, Ank.


Not afraid of you, cute, thanks.


een mooie kraai Ank!


Friendly little chap, Thanks ,Ank.


He called me, and flies with me.

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