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Figment 107 - not for the faint of heart size :-)

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  1. ashleyr1:02:13
  2. Aorical1:11:01
  3. yroets1:11:05
  4. GoldenCat1:17:25
  5. yemhabibah1:18:55
  6. missfit1231:24:11
  7. mariepaule451:27:45
  8. Catwoman1231:28:05
  9. crashnot1:28:22
  10. IgorBirsa1:29:06


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sunny - I'll see your :-) and raise you 2 x ☺


YAY! Clever little Vegemitie aren't you LOL
♥ ♥



♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ That worked!!!! Thanks, genius.


I'm surprised it didn't work! You can always cut and paste hearts or whatever shape from a comment and save them in a note and then copy and paste into your comments.

I can't say beer ball baffle without smiling :-)) We have those weighted feeders too. The bigger birds vacuum the patio under the feeders as the littlies are messy feeders.


Boo Hoo!!! I'll have to stick with hugs. Your tips didn't work on my PC. (((( ))))

We don't let the squirrels, or raccoons, get into all the bird feeders. They have one feeder they're allowed to access. We have a beer ball baffle on most feeders as well as a weighted feeder with a squirrel guard. The weighted feeder closes for the fatter blue jays so the chickadees and finches have a feeder where they are not harassed by the larger birds.


LOL... you would not have insulted me, buddy. We share the gift of laughter and appreciate the sense of ridiculousness in life.

Thanks for the invitation to visit but I doubt we would ever travel that far these days. No smokers allowed here either!

Ice in the bird bath? Yikes - THAT is cold. We had to chuckle about you trying to keep the birds from the squirrel tucker as it's the opposite here!

The "moderate or so" behaving was a smoke screen. We don't give a hoot what others think so we are just ourselves ☺

To make the heart shape hold down the ALT key and press the number 3 key. ALT + 1 will give the smiley face. There are heaps of ALT + other key combos. You can find a list online. Go have some fun! Hugs are always appreciated anyway ☺


LOL Foxy, I almost said "crazy like me" but I didn't want to insult you. LOL Yes, I feel for both of us but at least we laugh a lot. Truthfully, our craziness probably makes us saner than a lot of others since we admit it and enjoy it.

Yes, a great amount of stress has been relieved. There were so many challenges and unanswered questions in retrieving all our stuff. I wish you could get to the East Coast and visit someday. Our only rule is "no smoking". When Roy almost died from asthma at age 30 we enforced that rule.

Yes, that is cold for SoCal. Those are our daytime temps but we've had ice a few times on the bird bath. Since winter is coming we've been getting a greater variety of birds at the feeders. At least the greedy blue jays now have some competition. We hand feed the squirrels almost every day and you can't imagine how much they make us laugh. They are cute, sweet creatures. We have to invent a feeder the jays can't get into but the squirrels can. Peanuts are expensive and I prefer giving them to the squirrels. There are a number of squirrels who prefer seeds and never touch a peanut which surprises us.

Glad to hear things are going well for you both. Never well-behave though - what's the matter with you?!? LOL

I can't do heart so I'll send hugs. (((( ))))


Now that's an accurate comment - crazy LOL. Based on that I'd think you are also as crazy! I feel for you if you have a similar brain - mine puzzles me often :-)

Great that you have finally moved!!! Yay! No more thinking about it and worrying how you're going to do it. 'Tis done! Now, of course, comes the sorting out LOL. Excellent that your glass is intact. It's simply a matter of time before your museum/home will be in order. Then you will be able to solve all those bookmarked puzzles ☺

All is going well here. Both healthy and well behaved... moderately so. Had a cool night which was a shock. It plummeted to 54°! That's tantamount to freezing for SoCal!
Hoping you two are keeping well too. With all your critters you'll be busy feeding and being entertained by them, no doubt. Hugs ♥ ♥


Hi Foxy, I love these creations. You are truly crazy and I love it. I'm tried to figure out a rational for your figment and I failed. All I can say is that I truly enjoyed it. I've got your newest one bookmarked along with hundreds of others. It gives me lots of choices. Our brains must be similar since I notice our solve times are usually pretty close.

We finally retrieved the remainder of our furniture and decor items from Rochester. There was a lot of stress with me driving our pick-up following Roy who drove a 26' truck. It was truly intimidating but all our stuff was intact and there was a lot of glass. I'll be spending a lot of time emptying boxes and deciding where to put my many collectibles and pictures. I like to say I live in a museum instead of being a hoarder. LOL

I hope all is going well with you and that you are both staying healthy.


Good onya, Sharon! It's a bit like eating the last bit of dessert, isn't it LOL.
!!!News Flash!!! Next one is underway! Watch this space ☺

Did it!! A real joy......almost hate to finish such a fun puzzle!! Thanks so much and of course, waiting for your next zany masterpiece!!


Thanks, Steph. Smile mission accomplished!


Thanks, jusangi.


The colors and patterns made me smile all the way through. Really fun one - thanks!


Some good news! Welcome baby boy! Best wishes for negative test results for your family and continued steady recovery for you.
I am in remission for nine years. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer after a short remission; he passed away a few years ago.


You have not had an easy time of it with health issues for yourself and family. When I and my husband were both diagnosed cancer within weeks of each other a few years ago we learned that humour was a help indeed. I can only wish the best for you and yours and that you will overcome.
Yes, I am having a good day - a small afternoon nap was refreshing after an early start. I am working on the next creation (not this minute as I'm writing to you ☺) but I will go back to it shortly.


Humour can help when we are facing humourless times. If we can, it's better to smile than frown.
Next creation - progress to report! I've drawn and re-drawn some older templates. Now to add colours and patterns etc. Hopefully they'll be therapeutic for our brains!
As for the number, I had assumed a typo so didn't mention it ☺
I hope you are having a good day, my friend :-)

I see the banter shared among quite a few of them. It's always good to have a little humor these days. I think of your puzzles not only has fun but also therapeutic for my brain. I look forward to your next creation. I noted a typo error in comment below. I meant to type 126. ☺


No doubt you will get to know some other solvers. A fun bunch! Some great senses of humour on Jigidi and a couple of pun makers that are so bad we have to laugh!
About the edges - I sometimes find them first depending on the puzzle, but more often than not they are tacked on here and there. Sort of willy nilly like on Willy's puzzles ☺
I'd better get some new creations started. Might play with some tomorrow. Better charge the pencil and iPad tonight!

Little by little by little I'd like to know some of the 16. Some, I some know who they re by your 2 way conversation in comments. It's amazing, I do the same thing. I do all the edges first. I was curious as to your score compared to mine of almost 4 hours. Granted, I don't always put on pause right away like get a phone call. I look forward to some more of your creations!


Thanks, buddy! Yes, you're in the majority of good company with 126 others :-)
My strategy is simple. I pull out distinct patterns and/or colours and just shove them into separate little puddles without trying to piece them together. Anything not so obviously distinctive stays where it is. I then zoom in close on each puddle and piece them together all the while flipping to the image to check the overall shape of the section. For those with square or regular shapes I don't bother checking but for the odd shapes like this puzzle I need to check :-) Then I sort through the left over bits into like colours and assemble those as mentioned above. I don't rush as part of the fun is making those little puddles of pieces and putting them together. I also take a break when doing a puzzle this size. Often it may be the next day before I get back to it :-)
I drew some figment pieces a while ago and today I sent them to my iPad so I can re-work them using the Apple Pencil. I find it extraordinarily hard to draw neatly with a mouse! Look forward to some more figments of my imagination ☺

WOW! Figments keep getting better and better! Thanks for another creative and colorful challenge. Rome was not built in a day so I guess I am in good company especially my solving this one. I would love to know your strategy on solving. It took me more than a day with numerous breaks.


Robbie, mate - thank you! I can always use another hat LOL.

Yes, all good here. Fit and well and even staying out of trouble. This is what happens when you stay home :-) Hope all is well with you blokes?


Thanks, missfit (love that name!)
Your comment would not be out of place in the 60s ☺


Thank you, tinlal - you made my day better with your sweet comment!
After talking to another solver just now I am thinking I will use some earlier wild and weird figment templates for more puzzles. I hope you will enjoy them! You take care too, please.


I take my hat off to you foxy for producing this delightful and very enjoyable puzzle. Thank you mate! Hope all is well with you both.


Super groovy puzzle! Thank you!

Not faint hearted but my heart was certainly racing when I saw this! What a wonderful surprise to see one of your fabulous puzzles today. Thank you and take care


You're not that old! I remember the phones too. Vacuuming under protest is fair 'nuff! You have my full support to decline the next time. It's for the sake of the cat, after all. Safety first!
And just look at you the leader of the pack! Well done, you!
Thanks, Janet ☺


Splendid! the middle bit reminded me of the old bakerlite radios (yes, I am that old !) but as I have just done the vacuuming (under protest) I am wondering if I could adapt it to a robotic vacuum. Think it might scare the cat a bit though, might actually eat the cat so that's another brilliant idea shelved ! thanks and cheers, Janet


Oops! You already solved it Nanny - at a blistering pace too!


Or in my case a great ALL day puzzle LOL.
Thanks, Nanny - I hope you will enjoy the solve ☺

Great late morning - early afternoon puzzle!


This one is a bit like Rome - wasn't built in a day! Remember to take a break, buddy ☺

You know me. I am already working it.


LOL - very loud! You're on your own here, my friend! You can solve it for me ☺☺

Oh boy; here she goes again! : -)

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