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Old Jedburgh School

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I attended this school from 1940 to 1946,
then the numbers outgrew it and the upper grades 6 to 8-9 transferred to the village hall on Main Street.
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Dave: The windows face west so you are right. A big hand bell was used to call pupils into class. In the basement was a sort of rec. room. I remember going hand to hand hanging from the X supports for the floor joists.
Jo: I'll look.
Rob: It was sad to see it in this condition. Not even safe to go inside to take a closer look.
Thanks all.


It's a shame to see it like this Floyd - thanks for showing it though:))


hey floyd. i left you a puzzle tonight :o))


Alot of light came in through that set of windows. No bell to call the children in to class? Oh I just noticed the little lower windows too. A basement room?


Lots of mixed feelings about this school.
Thanks LAURA.


What memories it holds for you!


Beekay: It is sad to see this school in the rundown condition.
With all the changes in farming and shopping,
the small villages have nearly disappeared.


It must pull at the heart string a little to see it in this condition. A few of the old one room schoolhouses here have been restored and used by the historical society. Perhaps there is hope for this one to see the same care?


DBNC: Most of my memories are not the best.
Suzy: We had softball and hockey teams that were competitive.
Jo: I think it is beyond repair.
Anitas: There is no demand for a building of this condition.
I haven't heard lately if it is still there.
Thanks all.


So sad that something couldn't have been done to save it.


a beautiful old building, floyd. are they using for anything now? any chance they will save it? i hope so. thanks.


The smaller schools really gave kids a true feeling of community. It's wonderful that you had that opportunity to attend a small school, Floyd.

hope you have some happy memories
I hate to see old buildings go bad


Morris, the village is now part of the municipality.
I believe the municipal office is the only
business left in there.


It's a shame that they let it get so bad ....


Ardy: A lot of good memories and some NOT so good.


I can imagine you can still see it as it was. Hope those are good memories. Thanks, Floyd.


It was condemned, not safe to enter and to be torn down.

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