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Old Ad for a hiking aid!!!

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12 pieces
90 solves
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  1. snooker0:11
  2. warbler0:12
  3. ozlurker0:15
  4. brightspark0:15
  5. musicelephant0:16
  6. riveroad0:16
  7. patten0:16
  8. Mark560:16
  9. robryan0:18


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LOL!! Thanks Shirley, brightspark and Dave:))))) I'm off to check it out now Dave - with some trepidation:))))) LOL!


Good call, Shirley!!! :))


I'll save my $1.50 Thanks Dave, not that desperate mate :))))


Put your $1.50 in the slot of the door and see, when it opens, Shirley! :))

You want to check the photo I took, Robyn, to see for sure if it had sparkles? Cause I don't. I don't think Beekay does either. :))


fun xx


"A" cup 'B" cup "C" cup nah! Dave is this what I would have found behind the green door?


LOL!!! :))))))))) Thanks Beekay:))))


Oops!!! ◉_◉ I think I opened the wrong puzzle!! Warbler....nah, never mind!


LOL!!! And I bet it had a few sparkles and spangles on it Dave:))))) LOL!!! Thanks for the hearty laugh my good friend:)))))


You have to send a stamp for the booklet to tell you how to measure snooker. I think I saw some guy wearing one of these in the French Quarter just before Mardi Grai.


Thanks for the laughs Janet, Mogens:))))), snooker and riveroad:)))) LOL!!! I'm not going there snooker:))) LOL!!!!

Have a question. It says all sizes. How does a fellow measure to determine what size he needs?


A bra for balls. I don't think they ever really caught on....

For $1.50 we can all chip in and send one to Mogens. :)


Hilarious old ad thanks Rob. I shouldn't mock, as I had my Breast screen this morning. OUCH!


LOL.....are they really necessary, or just another money making item for manufacturer? LOL....I would go natural..... (^‿◕)


LOL!! My thought too Nev - tee-hee:)))) Thanks - I just couldn't resist posting it:)))) LOL!!!

Why this advertisement?