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Sweet Little Bare Assed Cupie Doll Wishing You A Happy Healthy New Year 2021!

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Dear Jigidi Member, we all want to see this thing to the end, so.........

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Oh, dear friend sister nessham, it is so good to have you back,
I hope circumstances keep you around for a long time. I don't
text, but if you can email send me a short note.

Nessam, I am sure lots of things have happened to each of us, my
year 2022, short as it has been thus far, has not been a good one.
I took a very hard fall on Dec. 13, from then on it has all been down
hill. I hope the best for both of us.

Nessam, I would like you to meet my Canadian friend, crackerjackgal,
below. She and I are distant cousin friends, and we are both
avid genealogists with common ancestors. she is also an artist, and
has paintings posted on Jigidi, check her out. Take care of yourself.
Hope you and yours are healthy, wealthy and wise.
Hugs doll, I just noticed you mentioned my name. Ha! Ha!
What are we going to do about this crazy Russian dictator? Hope
someone does something to him.


My beautiful Janet, what a joy to be able to meet you, many things have happened during this time. I already added Jijidy. A hug friend sister. 🤗


I found my DNA type back to eve. L1 and we came out of africa from the pygmy people no wonder the women in the family are short. lol


Hi Janet, I put a pic on me on as a puzzle


Thanks for the family history, can't wait to get into it. I
quickly looked it over, and I see one possibility, French
surname, Mary Brewster married into.

Give me a few days and I will be calling you on a weekend,
my son will be coming over Sunday, so it may be the
following weekend.

I have been working outside when I can, I have Wild Garlic
plants, that I need to get dug up and of course, they all have
little babies buried in the ground, My son is bringing over with a
cat cage, as I have ended up coming across cat poo, when
I have to sit on a tarp on the ground, and yesterday, I had it
on my fingers. He ordered it online, and it was delivered to him,
we still haven't gotten the branches cut down in a length that the
city will take. Weeds are really blooming, Oh, my Lilac bush is
a miniature but it has more blooms on it than it ever has, I
brought some in, I am so stuffed up really can't smell them. Oh, my goodness, it is after 4 a.m. So much to do, love ya, take care. Cousin, I miss talking to you. Doll


Hi Cousin I do not think I gave you this part of my tree. Brewsters, And


Hi! Patty, they make me smile too. I worked outside, again today
for hours, I am sore and worn out, haven't seen any snakes yet,
hope I don't, especially not the mother snake, I am off to see
the Sand Man, take care, was so nice chatting with you my dear
cousin. Doll


They made me smile, : - ) Thanks cousin Love Patty


Thank you @Bjresh, and @janshoemake for your visit, comments
and solves.

A very happy 2021 to you.
Love the Kewpies.


Precious New Year's Greeting and . . .

Hear! Hear!

Thank You for reminding us of our most important New Year's resolution. We havent controlled it yet!, Barb,RN,ret'd.

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