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Arrggh...The Blue Tape Streeker has struck again!
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  1. Hengate5:58
  2. karlee6:17
  3. malcolmm1817:17
  4. AnnaFrancesca8:19
  5. cobra8:25
  6. peteog8:41
  7. gwible11:23
  8. adelgado659111:29
  9. dchaknight12:13
  10. k5wno14:33


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Thanks Speedy5 , I thought it might be something like that the 45 years I've had my 72 Mach 1, I have had 7or 8 gas caps disappear I may have left at a gas station.

Some states fire code require that when vehicles are stored in an indoor location that the gas caps be secured. The blue painters tape is used because it does not leave glue residue when removed. I know this because when I displayed my car at a car show I had to do this.

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