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Dull, Boring, Bland :-)

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  1. perleblanche0:20
  2. JillianB0:21
  3. alias2v0:23
  4. mariolyn0:23
  5. truck0:23
  6. Sissel0:26
  7. RZRgirl0:27
  8. kayboblee0:28
  9. Pekaji0:28
  10. gaiagirl0:30


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Indeed PW :-))))


Too much excitement for me in these 3 towns.


Thank you so much Alias for the fun and Mary :-))))



@alias2v. Thanks for expanding my knowledge of Boring. Too funny. Mary

I see a lot of humour in this sister ship :)

Celebrate Boring & Dull Day
In 2013, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill proclaiming every August 9th Boring & Dull Day, in honor of the international partnership formed between Boring, Oregon, and Dull, Scotland. Bagpipers and drummers in kilts join barbershop quartets and ice cream trucks to celebrate the kindred spirits of their cities.

Go for Instagram gold
A must for any Instagram account overflowing with artsy travel shots, go for gold with a selfie next to the iconic Dull sign.

Get a Dose of Boring History

Visit The Not So Boring Bar and Grill
A classic dive bar, combine cheap beer, karaoke, pool tables, and fish tacos.


Thank you so much for the info Mary. I try to make people smile :-))))


Too funny. I once lived in Boring, Oregon, I thought it was so funny, but learned that it was named after a family and is beautiful. Thanks for the fun. Mary


Thank you so much Jill, Willy, PW, Globetrotter, Nana, Ianto and Girlina. I am so glad you all got a laugh :-))))))


Don’t think I’ll put them on my ‘Places to Visit’ list. Lol thanks


That is funny.


I meant to say: "No gnus is good gnus."


I wonder if there is a place somewhere called Yawn


I'm laughing so hard 🤗 Thank you hugs!

Why not.


No wildebeests either. No gnus is gnus.


This is so funny, Sissel. Not much news around these 3 towns.

Have to send this to my cousin who lives in OR!!! ; ))))


Thanks Lia :-)))




You are so welcome Kay. New info to me :-))))


Might as well make the best of a rather dreary situation. Thanks, Sissel. ;-))

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