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Guatemalan Naif school of painting. Originated With The Mayan Indians

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This painting is a fine example of the Guatemalan Naif school of painting. Originating amongst the Mayan Indians in the villages around Lake Atitlan this style has grown from a few artists to a large and vibrant artistic community. Artists have adapted the international genre of Arte Naif to express the cultural traditions, beliefs, ceremonies and daily activities of their indigenous culture. This form of art and its most accomplished of the Tz'utjil practitioners have been recognized in the definitive UNESCO-sponsored book on the subject, Arte Naif: Contemporary Guatemalan Mayan Painting, 1998. It's popularity outside of Guatemala has increased, with many of the top artists having exhibitions in galleries and museums in the United States and Europe. The popularity of this style has expanded opportunities for the artists and brought a desperately need source of income to the region. Furthermore, this has become a venue for the preservation of artistic and cultural traditions. Your purchase helps in this preservation.

This helicopter or aerial view is a recent addition to the naif style of painting. The idea is believed to have come from the market at Chichicastenango. There is an indoor market with a second floor mezzanine. Standing up there gives one this view.
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Wow! What a fabulous puzzle - too big for me to solve as I have a macular hole in my right eye, but I love the colours and shapes. I've just read on one of Bonnie's puzzles that you have had trouble with your eyes. I do hope they will be better soon - I sympathise with those drops that make your pupils dilated - sunglasses are good for that. My leg is healing well, I've been given the all clear to start swimming and exercises again but I'm holding off swimming for now until the skin gets a little thicker - it still looks quite thin atm. I think I'll be left with a hefty scar, but I'm not too bothered because I already have a long scar on that ankle due to the rod and 6 screws that were put in after I broke it a few years ago. I have had my other foot strapped for a while due to planta pain (like walking on red hot needles), but my physiotherapist is an absolute genius and keeps me mobile! Sending all good wishes to you for future good health. x

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