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Louie Sleeping

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Louie in "his" place, laying in the middle of the living room asleep.
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Looks like he needs a lot of brushing as his fur is so dense. I have to brush my Tasha every day. She hated it at first - was a rescue cat - but now loves it! Louie looks very contented here.


Louie was about 15 lbs and mostly fluffy fur, which meant lots of time with a comb removing matted fur balls. Fortunately he loved to be combed, and didn't even mind the occasional need to get out the scissors to deal with a really bad mat.

He's not on his back, he's on his side. He would walk into a room, and when he wanted to lay down he'd just fall over on his side with a 'thump', and then just lay there.

His sister, Leeloo ("The Perfect Cat", named after the Fifth Element movie character) was under 10 lbs. She also wasn't nearly as fluffy as Louie, and definitely more cat like and timid.

My kitties like to sleep on their backs too.

I love big fluffy cats. I have one myself, she is 20 lbs. She likes to lay on the glass top coffee table.

I love this kitty!! He's warm and fluffy and friendly !!

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