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Kaleidos made from designs by Francine (bookish), Jacki (bluebird42) and Shirley (Shian2).

Top to bottom and left to right the original designers were:

Shirley Shirley Shirley
Shirley Francine Jacki
Shirley Shirley Jacki

Thank you, my friends. ๐Ÿ’–
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  1. felicityjigidi28:21
  2. MarshaG6132:27
  3. rockbit35:59
  4. dhara36:04
  5. peta5837:46
  6. eltring39:35
  7. gringa4941:24
  8. deedoe12043:07
  9. elliot92343:24
  10. eirinorum43:37


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You're welcome, Lorraine. If you enjoyed it (and I'm assuming you did or you would not have finished it) then it was a good difficult challenge. We all need a few of those. Thanks.

Beautiful but a difficult challenge for me...2.5 hrs!
Thank you for posting. Lorraine


Yes, to a rain check. Kitties will be upset at you enough having been gone two days. My Siamese had some kind of rule about me being gone. A day or two and she would ignore me when I came home but if it were longer like two weeks then she was happy to see me. lol I never did figure out where the line was between ignore and happy to see me.


Ardy, I would love to meet you! But I have to get back to my kitty who I'm leaving alone for two days. Club members are meeting for several meals in addition to the memorial and Washington's Mt. Vernon, so I have to leave after lunch on Sunday. Rain check?


Sounds like a wonderful way to spend two years. While your downtown why not run out to Takoma Park for a visit. ๐Ÿ˜Š


It is Yellowstone. I took a couple of years in a van and hit all the units run by the National Park Service in the Lower 48 - plus a bunch in Alaska, Puerto Rico And USVI, but not in the van. Good times. Next week, I'll be meeting with some fellow (park) travelers for the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial.

The thing I liked about most of today's is that they're so ethereal - like they're constructed of light.


Take them both, Deb. They're small. ๐Ÿ˜Š You're welcome and thank you.

I keep meaning to ask about your avatar. It's Yellowstone and Old Faithful isn't it?


Thank you, Ardy! All are bright and beautiful today, and my favorite is between the top right and the middle right - for different reasons.

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