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Sin título 2

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  1. Coffee58:47
  2. TheTalkingTurtle1:00:34
  3. Tigerlily1231:43:02
  4. jocelyn1:49:02
  5. linsee2:24:46
  6. terriray4:05:21
  7. iceng4:11:28


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Well. Anyone who looked at those times and thought, "no . . ." has a healthy sense of self-preservation!
I did all the little green ones first, and that gave me a handle on the red squiggles – all 29 of them, in five rows. The orange ones were laid down first – because where red and orange overlap, red is on top (and green on top of that). Next came blue wiggles – mostly between the orange-red-green blobs, but where they overlap, blue is on top. There are four continuous yellow lies, separating the five rows of o/r/g, and finally pink strips crossing over the yellow lines. By the time I could figure that out, I could also place the reds in their proper places in the grid, and begin to fill in all the orange pieces. Once most of the orange pieces were in place, I could fill small empty spaces by inspection.
A long-winded way of saying thank you for a very challenging and original puzzle!


Whaaaa, four days on 'Cs' AND '6es' ;--)

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