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Back to your canning

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12 pieces
40 solves
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  1. Robbos0:12
  2. nico620:18
  3. cappy0:19
  4. starcatlady60:19
  5. patten0:20
  6. Ianto0:21
  7. jen70:21
  8. jrmtcushman0:22
  9. Lladro0:23
  10. tinker30020:24


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Yeah, just because of one bad tuna, no need to brand the whole population as inedible...


What is so horrid, Penny. I love to can food. No point in wasting food.

Very cute, Thank you.


Never throw out food... :-)))))


Monstroph is to make something horrid, like this situation, and monstroph it into something much worse, like: "....' no. it's so disturbing l can't even say it-

Yes-it is like uglymorph- ugmorph- like "He was bad before but now that he's shaved and you can see his face he ugmorphed into a total beast!"


Jean! What is "to monstoph"??? Is it like "uglimorph"? Thank you, my dear friend.


It is so horrid that it monstophed* into humor-

* (new word courtesy of Jigidi- could not wait to use it!!!)


That is horrid, Parson.


How about "Barber of Seville"- or" Fried Green Tomatoes" for that matter-" Literature" is full of questionable tuna fish!


I love tuna.

i used to like tuna not after seeing this...


Well, at least he won't go to waste.


This is really terrible!! I won't eat Tuna for a while!


Ahh! It's a marine version of "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl! One of the classic murder stories. If you haven't read it, it's available on the net.

now i am wondering just where her hubby has got to?

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