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Noisy Miner into the nectar of the Coral plant.

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He's standing on a Crucifix Orchid stem in the R photo. Next door this morning!
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Thanks Robbie!!!


I agree with all Robyn, thanks!


Thanks dondi!!!


Great shots!


Thanks Shirley - they sure are busy-bodies around here - and they let us know if a strange bird, cat or snake comes in the yard:)))) They're our alarm system :))))

Thanks Ami :))

And he's well-named too Suzy - they sure know how to make a loud noise when they need too!!

The eyes have it tex :))) His beak is actually all yellow - it just looks orange here:))) Thanks!

Could be Dave - that would make sense! Thanks :))


I wonder if pollination is actually going on.


Strange looking fellow, look at those eyes. And BK is so right, his beak has morphed into the flower! Thanks, RR.


Gotta love the name Noisy Miner! He sure is getting into the gathering of the nectar!


Wonderful photos Robyn!!!


We know them as Micky Birds too Rob, they are always around, poking their beak into flowers or annoying other birds, but I enjoy seeing them in the garden, Thanks Rob.


LOL! Looks like it Barb - but I've also seen them eat bugs and they like to join in with all the other birds at next-doors feeder!! Thanks Barb:)))


Noisy miner has a sweet tooth, looks like....LOL Great photos, both. Thank you Rob :)


I think it's a Queensland term Nev - I'd never heard it before we moved up here either. Thanks :)))


LOL! He has his beak in a flower in each photo Beekay :)))) Thanks!

My neighbour calls them that too Janet - I think it suits them too!! Thanks :)))


He's lovely Rob, great pics. We call them Micky Birds. Thanks for that, hugs.


Hard to tell which is his beak and which is the flower , lol they are both the same size and color :-))

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