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Bioluminescent Fungi

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Bioluminescent Fungi
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  1. Spyder10912:22
  2. Bizzybee13:08
  3. MissShebaKitty13:38
  4. rlmarker14:37
  5. jigidisc15:02
  6. landscapelove15:54
  7. sweetlu16:49
  8. Clarrie17:57
  9. Dorothea18:01
  10. cali10281918:37


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I totally agree with you. I would add that it should be shown to youth in school as a learning tool to get their imagination sparked. I noticed you share photos of others, so... maybe you could go to the woods and take photos to share? Just a thought.
I am glad you enjoyed the video. Have a great day!



Thank you for your kind comments. The video is stunning! The start of it seemed more like the hatching of space aliens as pictured in some movies. Stephen Axford provides a remarkably beautiful and educational video. This should be a required viewing pleasure for all students in a botany class. Many would choose this route for their life.



Thank you for teaching me something new! If you are interested I have attached the most amazing video on fungi including this one.

Thank you for sharing this amazing photo.

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