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Do the brothers look much alike?

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I like your comments, looking forward to their continuing growth and how they change.


suemarie just now Remove
Close enough that no one would be surprised to learn that they are brothers, but certainly not identical. But what does that mean?! My first child, a boy (now 46) and my third, a girl (39), were identical for the first year or so. We couldn't tell their hospital baby pictures apart, and, for fun, we would put our daughter in her brother's hand-me-down onesies and Jammies and take pictures of her posed with us, or alone, in exactly the same place and way that the originals of her brother, in those clothes, had been taken. We had to date the photos on the back right away, because we couldn't tell who was who, and our relatives and friends couldn't, either! Our middle child, a daughter (44), looked nothing at all like them that first year.

My real point is that, by grade school, my son and the older sister now looked so much alike, and my younger girl looked so little like them--different hair color, nose, face shape, etc.! The "twins born 7 years apart", as we used to call them, now just looked like they might or might not be siblings, and the odd one out back then now looked like a female version of her brother, so you really can't tell anything right now! :-)))

These are cuties, by the way, and I love the names!

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