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Rose Hips

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From Rosa Rugosa roses.
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  1. RandiS11:06
  2. Hatiwu1:08
  3. Robbos1:20
  4. Dilubreuer1:23
  5. Jaz551:27
  6. angeleque11:27
  7. wigma1:32
  8. 4wings51:32
  9. brenda19491:35
  10. pumpkinhead1:38


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You're welcome, Janet. Often they are a bit more orange, Janet. This is the brightest color I've ever seen on these. Hugs.


How beautiful thanks Jacki, they are gorgeous. Hugs. ♥


Ah! Sorry, Ardy. Forgot about that. It was from a package I bought at the local "nature food" store.
Will have to go get some more.

Hee hee, Suzy. (thanks)


LOL, Ed. (You are a genius, Jacki!)

I recall the sassafras tea....but anything else is history I wasn't there for!!!


Jacki, you made roseship tea the first night we were there. Maybe not from the hips themselves but you told me it was rosehip tea. I had never had it and liked it. A have a photo of what I hadn't finished yet in the cardinal mug sitting next to the cookies on the table. The sassafras was after Suzy & Jim came. ☺ ♥Hugs♥


Biggest I've seen this year, Lunie.


Showing off their beauties once again?


Ardy, it was sassafras tea that we made last year -- from the bark of the sassafras tree. I've never made rose hip tea, but I do know you can buy it in health food stores. It is full of Vitimin C. So glad you got to Ocean City and even into the same room! ♡hugs


Jacki, we were talking about rose hip tea today. I didn't get a chance to tell that you made me some last year. They got to my house about 12:30. We are now getting ready for bed in our suite at Ocean City. The same room we had five years ago. These are beautiful hips. I'm finding solving to be hard on the laptop. My mouse doesn't like its surface very well and makes it harder. Bookmarked for much later. Thanks. Gave them your greetings. ♥Hugs♥


heehee, Ed, gotcha.

I never knew to look. Will ask around here too. thanks, Shirley


Jacki, Rose hip syrup was in liquid form and given to babies broken down in boiled water as a drink, as vitamin C supplement. I've never looked but it may still be around.


You're welcome, Shirley. It was just about 50 years ago I was making rose hip jam. Never did make rose hip jelly, the jam is a little richer. I didn't know about rose hip syrup! That would be something nice to try. Happy to provide impetus for the memory. ;-)


No, I don't have any idea. If I did, I probably wouldn't have admitted I'd like some.


Do you have any idea how much work it is to create it? And worse, how much work it is to clean up AFTER it's made?


Aren't they just the cutiest, I remember the Rose hip syrup I gave my babies as a vitamin supplement 50 years ago. Thanks, Jacki, for the memory.


Oooh, I want some rose hip jelly! :)

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