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Write a Caption! - horses

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The poor horse does look like he's trying to lift the ball with his neck, to me.
Your captions were all clever and comical. Thank you so much for making all of us laugh!

The clever contributors were:
JCarroll, Hester, Sugarfoot, Healer, Jon, Like92115, RebeccaB and Ank!


Maybe this doesn't make a good necklace after all. Don't just stand there - help me up!


Lovely Jan, it's too late for thinking so this is all.
I did not see that you looked at my collage of today. There is a special in it for you. In the middle. It is in response to your comment of yesterday.


Seriously, I twisted my ankle - get Mom!


This is not horse play. We want to play!


Roanaldinho showing the kids hi famous rainbow move


NEWS FLASH! Star circus horse suffers from "Narcalolpsy"!
It was a sad day when he was sent to the "Horse Retimement Farm" in his prime. He can now spend out his days happily playing with the other animals. We wish him many healthly years.

It's MY ball & you can't have it!


At Dobbin's birthday party they try the equine version of passing the orange with your hands behind your back.

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