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Round loaf of home-baked bread out of the oven

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I didn't think that it would turn out so beautiful. I was bursting with pride. :D

For more info, see the first puzzle in this series - the dough.
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Something I learned the hard way many years ago: Wheat flour from different parts of the world behaves differently. And room temperature affects rate of rising and therefore texture. To get the same results, recipes may need lots of tweaking.

Do you have Marmite? It is a similar thing, but much nicer. :-))


Hi everybody - thanks for giving me such nice feedback. :) With this series I moved a bit away from the usual stuff (nature or scenery), but I see you like it. This loaf of bread was a real winner as far as taste & appearance go.

@Mbuchner - it is actually the basic recipe for dough made with yeast. I made the yeast active in warm milk + one small spoon of sugar and flour; for the loaf, I took only wheat flour 850 (ie. about halfway between pure white and wholegrain), no experimenting. After making the dough, I waited for it to grow twice. When it raised for the first time in a bowl, I gently & quickly kneaded it, formed a loaf and then put it into a straw basket covered with a cloth (using flour all around so it didn't not stick to it). After it raised again, I just turned it over onto the baking tray, no more kneading, as little moving as possible. I cut three lines into it and I brushed cereal coffee onto the loaf. Then it was ready to bake. The temperature? I should ask mum. :D But over here, this is the traditional way of making bread (ie. raising it twice). I hope this info makes you want to bake it. :) I think an important factor is also not to hurry.

@jandchris - I had to google vegemite. :D I am not sure we have something similar here ...

I am not surprised you were bursting with pride. What a beautiful loaf it looks. I would like a thick slice, still warm, with a buttery spread and some vegemite on it. Well done.

I would love your recipe!

I think I can smell it! Yum.


@Dulsineja How tempting! A beautiful loaf, indeed. Congratulations. (great series)


Yummmmm! Congratulations. Please pass a slice with warm butter.


Looks delicious!


Hi Patsy, warm bread is a real temptation! Nonetheless, I usually wait for it to cool down. :)
I am glad I made you think of making your own bread next winter, it is rewarding although one can buy bread in a shop. All the best!

Very nice quartet of puzzles. The bread looks delicious. Did you eat some of it while it was still warm?
I love warm bread right out of the oven, but haven't made bread for years. Now that you've put the thought in my head, maybe I'll make some next winter. Now it's too hot here to turn on the oven. ~Patsy

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