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Gabby on Ladder

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Our kitty Gabby on ladder and Buddy looking for a rung for himself!
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Oh Momatomic. ..what a sweet story of your Gabby and Buddy. Delightful.


Thanks for the nice comments. Audslibrary- Gabby really did look like a Maine Coon, an amazing breed! niccolino59- Our 'Gabby cat' is now gone, too. She was 19! Her life mate Buddy was aged 22. It just seems they were always there and then... AlanHogan, these two had no problem at all going both up and down ladders. We discovered after leaving the ladder outside the 2nd floor bedroom window that both of them had made their way down the ladder and were making their rounds through the yard when we hadn't let them out. Buddy went up the ladder and had his nap on the bed. We've known many a cat who only knew how to go up, lol.


Looks like my Tigr. . .a Maine Coon.


A beautiful kitty. She looks a lot like my (late) Connie cat!


..they do like to go up ladders. Getting them down is the problem! 😃


Kitties always like being up there

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