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Cat for Sale? NEVER! :)

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  1. dianajnelson2:03
  2. stephro2:08
  3. dartagnan2:23
  4. Carol662:33
  5. yarnover2:43
  6. anan2:44
  7. Impie2:53
  8. quilt652:54
  9. Kevin13:19
  10. eddiekit3:27


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I can't believe he will soon be 16. White kitties are pretty much only allowed to be adopted to "inside only" homes. We have a huge population of Eagles and white kitties can be seen so easily. Payton never shown much interest in going outside.....he does like a nice smell out outdoor air through the screened windows. :)


Rescue cats are the best. They love you for taking them into their forever home. Then once they know the territory, you know THEY rule. All our were and are rescue kitties. Indoor only and in this house we have a large screened porch like the kind over swimming pools so the cats feel like they are literally outside. No ceiling to contend with like our other home. They love it. There was never a white cat at the shelter when we were there. Peyton is too cute for words. Enjoy him. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, he is the house "vent inspector"........moves from one to another testing the temperatures! ;)

At the moment he is already in bed. Starting to rain and temperature going down.......I think I will finish one more puzzle and join him........he is a wise feline (Oooops I meant furry PERSON!).


I know you would never sell Payton! I also noticed just where Mr Payton is resting...right on top of the heat register! What's the matter, little guy, is Mom washing all your snuggle blankets?
Dusty : )


Ah yes Jaklien........Payton and his Mum are growing old together! :))))


Carol, this is really a very funny photo!
Of course your beautiful, sweet cat is not for sale, that would hurt you both too much.
The age of your cat (about 16 years old) corresponds to the age of a human at 80 years old


Aww, Payton, if only you knew what the sign you're posing in front of says!!!LOL....but I could be tempted though, but I know your mum is just kidding....I bet she'd even decline one Million dollars!♥

We love you Payton!!


Beautiful kitty!


Mr. Payton, thanks you! As his kitty "Mother" I also thank you! ;)


Beautiful cat X


LOL Amadeus35! He is a collectible, a rescue 15 years ago. He is an antique, he will be 16 the 1st of August. NO fleas, indoor only and we spray all humans and animals entering our nest just in case they bring a stray flea egg........just kidding.

That kitty is definitely a collectible, and might be an antique, and maybe even has a flea...... BUT... it is not for sale for sure. Beautiful cat - thanks for sharing! (waaay too many puns for one pic!)

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