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Not Just the DTES

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  1. flemette7:19
  2. WorldTraveler7:40
  3. Kava7:58
  4. loree8:22
  5. Merry8:54
  6. julie8810:40
  7. amkh13:14
  8. MoMcCon13:30
  9. arthur0014:52


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@loree. Thank you.

So sorry for your losses julie88.

My compassion goes out to you, @julie88
Be safe out there!


I have lost 3 men in my family to drugs. They were NOT street people. Every life is important. Thank you both for your efforts.

Yes, I am in the US, and again I agree with your statements. In what we both do, even one success is important. Best wishes to you.

Assuming you're in the US, loree, it seems madness that the current regime is moving further away from an evidence-based approach to these issues. But that's where it looks like it's going...

I admire what you do to help reduce these tragedies. May you have some 'successes,' be they big or small.

In my case, I teach in a 'Correctional' centre in Canada. 'Success' is limited and difficult to quantify, but if I help just one person move into a healthier lifestyle, it makes it all worthwhile.

Be safe out there

I agree, MickL, with your comment. I am a psychiatric nurse in an area hard hit by addiction and overdoses. It is heartbreaking and frustrating. Truly, if they only knew. And, in some cases, if they only cared.

I work with both sides of the equation, loree -- the dealers and the users. It's a parasitic relationship fuelled by greed and factors mostly out of the users' control.
Reagan's (and Harper's) "War on Drugs" were both so counter-productive, and only exacerbated the problem in all directions. And yet it's what appeals to the voters. Very few politicos have the political will to do what is best for all. If only they knew the harm they were/are causing...

So true, and so sad. Thanks for the message.

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