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Clearing the driveway

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The front end loader had just finished my driveway...(can barely see the loader!) The pile of snow is at the end of my driveway... The big pile of snow on the right is just a few feet from my front door. The snow by the hanging jar was above the lower part of my window. They couldn't shovel the sidewalk....had to use the loader!
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Wow - that's a LOT of snow!

I only got flurries for an hour or so,


Wow! That's lots more than we've gotten. It needed that loader! Stay safe & warm. ~Patsy, in Calgary, where some of our snow will turn to slush tomorrow

Nope! I'm a good Southern gal & not a penguin. Glad you enjoy it but not me. Burrrrr!


Yikes, you got a lot more than we did!


Wow. That’s a lot of snow! Glad they were able to clear some of it out.


Thank you for sharing the pix. Glad there was a loader available to help clear the way a bit.

Way to much.

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