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What Do You Do In Heaven?

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What do you do? Can you read, watch TV, ski, travel, eat--do you have a body to do these things? If you do, what body is it--you at your prime? What if you were born missing a limb, or with severe intellectual disabilities? Are you now whole? Are people who were geniuses in life still brighter than others, or are all people now full of complete knowledge and understanding? If so, what's left for people to do who spent their lives pursuing scientific discoveries or archeological digs or astronomy--are they bored knowing it all now? If you always wanted to be better looking, are you just the way you want now? If you died as a toddler, are you an adult now? Then how do your friends and loved ones recognize you?

If you don't have a body, then, really, you can't eat or read or ski or swim or sing or climb mountains what do you do daily (and nightly, since you wouldn't need to sleep) for the next million billion trillion years--and the next million billion trillion years after that?

I really would be interested in what you think.
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Suemarie, I admire you tremendously. You will have the patience speak beautifully and appropriately to any person to whom all things are clear by their owen navel. She does not understand now, not ever, that his Lord Almighty does not need something ordinary lay people from any country to defend his greatness and teachings.


Yes, that was Pascal's Wager. There are several problems with the bet, though. First, I have to be willing to live the one life (that I DO know for SURE that I have) in ways that I may not want to, in hopes that it will benefit me after death (in a second life that I have NO way of knowing even exists). Second, I have to be willing to believe that the Christian god is the ONE and ONLY real god, and not the Hindu or Greek or Roman or Egyptian or Incan or Aztec ar Buddhist or Confucian or......or any other one of the thousands of gods and goddesses that man has believed in (and, in many cases, still does believe in)--and there are billions of people who don't agree with the god that YOU have chosen, or see the same afterlife that you envision, or follow the same rules that you claim that he commands you to follow. So even if I were willing to live this life in a way that MIGHT benefit me in a life after death, I have absolutely NO way of knowing WHICH god/gods/goddesses I should obey.

I realize that you are absolutely convinced that you have chosen the right god, but, then again, so are billions of others who have chosen differently--they're just as sure as you are.

One more point--God supposedly made us in his image and likeness, and endowed us with reason and logic. If I had to describe a god that I could believe in, it would be a god who, having given us those gifts, would have wanted--nay, DEMANDED--that we use them as fully as possible, and not throw them away and leap into faith instead, into a belief with no proof. I would think that this god would be MORE pleased with people who lived their lives rationally and logically, questioning and looking for proofs, and who would never punish us (especially not with eternal damnation!) for living the life he gave us by using the skills he gave us.......

suemarie and others; What if when your lives are over and then you find out that what we have said is true, then what are you going to do? You see, you have the choice now but once you pass away and then find out that what you believed was false it will be too late to change your mind then. I would rather take a chance now that what I am hearing is true and accept Christ into my heart and life. You see once you say no to God and pass away there is only one place you will wind up and that is in Hell!!! People joke that it's ok cuz they'll be with friends and have one great big party but it isn't!!! God allows us so many opportunities to come to Him because He wants no to go to hell but if we keep saying no then He won't force us but neither will He give us a choice after we are gone and we find out that we made a mistake by not accepting Him when we had the chance. Please don't put it off - I will be praying for all of you!!!


Suemarie! I, and probably many others are waiting from your funny puzzles as before!


I agree with treker as well, RitaTen. Thanks, suemarie, for providing the place for an interesting discussion. :)


In life, sometimes it is always this way. First, you have quite innocently fun, then someone wants to throw spanners in the works, will be quiet for a while and then starts going along with causative agent the interference. I agree with the treker and I thank you suemarie to the offsetting opinion. It was fun while it lasted.


Thank you all for your comments--I really appreciate your taking the time and effort to share your thoughts and beliefs with me. Those of you who have seen some of my other puzzles and comments know that I agree with @treker . I don't think that there is a life after death any more than there was a life before birth. But I have been seriously thinking about what it would be like if it did exist, and I couldn't come up with anything that I thought I myself would enjoy forever and ever, without end, or what it would be like to be eternally blissful/happy/content with no peaks or valleys, no less-happy states of being/mind to contrast it with. What would I do/see/hear? Would it be boring to now know everything--would there be new things to discover after the first trillion years, or would it be the same old same old forever? So I asked what you all thought it would be like--or hope it would be like. Thank you for sharing your responses with me. :-)))


My take- When you're dead,'re dead!!!

Then He continues in verse 15, "Assuredly, I say unto you, whosoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it." We all know how trusting little children are and they will believe and accept what you tell them as long as you don't lie to them because when you do that's when their trust in you/what you have to say is gone. In these verses Jesus is telling us to just trust Him!!! Do we really think that Someone would put Himself through all that He went through and then back out on us? What He wants us to do us just faith in Him. Now, once you have accepted Him that all your problems will go away. I'm going to stop here and strongly suggest that if anyone wants to find out more that you go to a Bible believing, Bible teaching church and sit down with the Pastor and ask questions and he will be able to answer your questions and lead you the rest of the way to our precious Lord!!! The reason I said a Bible believing, Bible teaching church is because some have the appearance of being that way but by looking closer they aren't even close to being there. May each of you who already know Jesus as Lord and Savior God bless you and may you grow even closer to Him!!! Those if you who are searching, seeking, wanting answers - keep doing it all!!! Then those who don't believe or scoff at Him I wouldn't wait to too long before changing your heart and mind because we never know when our last breath will come and then it will be to late!!! Have a great night one and all!!!

ringleader; In Revelation 21:4 God tells us that: "And God will woe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away." Many people believe, and I agree with them, that we will recognize each other because our bodies will look like they do now but will be perfect. As to what we do, I have been told that we will still be studying God's precious Word BUT we will be able to talk to all the people who went before us, i.e., Moses, Abraham, Noah, Job, David, Samuel, Ruth, Esther, Paul, Matthew, all the other apostles and the One Who is the reason we are able to be there - our Lord, Jesus!!! He is the One I want to sit with first because if it wasn't for His willingness to come to earth and take the punishment that I deserved and by doing this He has made it possible for us fallen people to be there!!! If any of us had to endure what Jesus endured we would have never made it to the Cross!!! Again, I urge all of you out there who haven't accepted His FREE GIFT of being with Him in heaven for eternity to don't try to intellectualize it but Scripture says: 3. ...and said, "Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3) And in Mark 10: 14,15 Jesus is telling us that we shouldn't stop the little children from coming to Him because 14,
..."Let the little children come unto Me,, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.


Well said, tkk. I've been thinking all day how to respond to this, Suemarie. I do believe that heaven is a real place where we will not only praise and worship our Creator but will be involved in learning and doing. We will visit unfallen worlds. We will be shown how God's judgments are loving and fair. I'm not sure we'll ever sit around on clouds playing harps although I want to learn to play one. I believe our finite minds cannot begin to understand or imagine the glories and wonders of being with Jesus.

I believe while our bodies will be changed - made perfect - we will recognize one another. I don't know how it will a work out but I believe it will for He has promised. Lots of questions we can't answer but I can't imagine we would ever not be happy and content. But it all is based on believing that the Lord, Jesus Christ, died for our sins and accepting him as our personal Savior.

"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him. (I Corinthians 2:9)

Ditto and AMEN, tkk.

From what I have been taught we will be worshipping and praising God for He is our Lord and deserves all the glory and praise. Some have told me that we will be able to do whatever we want for an activity but they don't have Scripture to back it up. And really our finite minds can't understand things that are infinite. For me just knowing I will be spending eternity with my Lord God and it doesn't matter what else I do because He won't have us doing anything that isn't pure, good and pleasurable. We all need to turn to God and by faith believe He is who He says He is!!! Don't try intellectualize it because no one is able to. It is a GIFT - free for the asking (He won't force Himself on us because He has given us a free will because He doesn't want robots worshiping Him). I pray for everyone who has not yet accepted His free gift and please don't anyone wait too long because we never know when we will be taking our last breath here on earth but when we do where will we be going? To H----- or H---? The decision is yours to make and only yours - no one can make it for you!!! Have a great night/day everyone and God bless those who are His!!!


We will go on flying trips.


And I noticed that you did right after I posted the link! A day of coincidences! :-)))


I have just completed it, what a coincidence!




Two hours is the maximum time that endure to listen to the harp.


Pkin has posted a thought on this--not connected to my puzzle except by coincidence, but I thought that in itself was funny!


I would like to be assigned to the "Prayer Answering Department"! What fun to watch kids, and adults, too, have their prayers answered! I'm always full of thanksgiving and joy when my prayers are answered.


I would like to get into the minds of wrongdoers and point them in the right direction :)


I appreciate your taking my serious and respectful query in such a thoughtful and polite way, Connie.

I doubt that you would like it. What will you do without all of these hateful political and anti-religious cartoons that you post to Jigidi every day? Maybe you could get a job as manure spreader, since you post bull.... every day. connie


So you don't have any thoughts about what it might be that you'll be doing? I really am curious to know what you think. I guess I have trouble seeing myself being eternally blissful doing nothing at all, just being in a sort of very happy suspended animation..... I know that some people believe that they'll see their relatives, Jesus, angels; they'll be able to watch over loved ones still on earth, and they'll spend much time praising God with all their hearts--I guess I thought that people had some thoughts about what it would be like....

I plan to wait to find out.


I agree, Bonnie. And it won't be sitting idly on a cloud! :D


Whatever we will be doing, we can be sure it will be wonderful beyond our imaginations!

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