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Balkan cuisine - Easter breakfast in Serbia

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My dearest dj @Donnajames - I hope you and D will have a specially happy New Year! I am happy myself, and am very ready for a good year.

(Hint: I am hoping to sell a book this year, yay!)

Bless you, honey, you always make me smile and take the pain away.

@jimez, I can say the same for you; you make me laugh every day.

The flowers? Um, saffron, of course! (Well, you wouldn't put honey on, would you? Hugs to you, my friend.)


What do they put on the flowers?


This definitely looks delicious.

Happy New Year, my special friend. May this coming year bring you healing energy and comfort. Luv ya, dj


Wikipedia says:

"Easter breakfast (3 May 2021, Serbian cuisine); Easter eggs, Pepper salade with garlic, Rye bread (whole rye grains), Cinnamon cakes, main dish: eggs, cheese, ham, Horseradish, Scallions. It is also popular in North Macedonia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska. A similar meal is eaten in Slovenia but with Slovenian potica instead of cake."

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