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Happy 20/04 to all !!

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According to Steven Hager, the editor of High Times, and other various sources of cannabis literature, the term “420” was coined in 1971 by a group of students at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, who called themselves the “Waldos” and congregated by the campus statue of Louis Pasteur to smoke weed at 4:20 p.m. The group initially referred to the meeting by the code phrase “4:20 Louis” on the school grounds, before they shortened it to simply “4:20.” From there, the code word began spreading around the city of San Rafael, a strong foothold for the fans of the psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead, and gradually, it became adopted by marijuana smokers across the rest of the country. [..and by me too -- MickL]
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High Times ... Good Times


Keep on truckin'.............

to stoned for this right now will do laters lol


Until about a year ago, I was pro medical, but not rabid about it. Then my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell cancer. The federal government is holding out on research and legalization until big Pharma can make billions. Shame on both Big Pharma and our government. There are thousands of people who need it now.


Enjoy it while you can. Trump and Sessions plan to change the way the federal gov't treats recreational use in states that permit it--Obama kept a hands-off policy, and they want to reverse that. Interesting, because they are supposedly big on state's rights, and against big government, but here they want the federal gov't to intervene, even though the state's are fine with it......


Talk about classical conditioning! Every time I happen to catch the clock at 4:20, I think weed. I ask the time, someone says 4:20, I think weed. I had looked up the origin as well ... funny how things catch on. Thanks for sharing this, MickL! ~ Maggie

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