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24 pieces
52 solves
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Pretty sure that's not how you treat coronavirus
Why this advertisement?


  1. icezin0:36
  2. Ianto0:38
  3. popoko0:39
  4. Lookslikecrap0:41
  5. MatBattle0:44
  6. ammy0:47
  7. JennyG660:51
  8. mm44lu0:53
  9. lelabugosi0:54
  10. Grundy0:57


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I agree with you, Lookslikecrap. But you have a much funnier way of putting it than I do.


It's wacko, holier-than-thou freaks aka Bibliophile et al, thinking they are the world's moral police and insist "Do as I say!".
I liked your puzzles ammy.
I might just take your place if I can find these comics.
I like controversy.


Oh I see the Jigidi powers left this puzzle *intact* (see what I did there?)!

Anyway, I wonder for how long more... 6 puzzles removed and counting... including one coronavirus puzzle about social distancing that was deemed "insensitive".

I won't be posting anymore puzzles as I no longer know what this site finds "acceptable" vs "offensive".

It seems like anything can trigger people these days, so the best thing is not to post anything, then nothing can trigger anyone. :) (Though I think somehow, eventually, the sensitive ones will find some way to take offence with that too...)


With a lull in crime, Batman decided it was a good time to get circumcised.


"Good surgical skills for delicate areas preferred"


I have questions:

- Why is this "Faithful butler" wearing a straight jacket?

It also says, in the yellow box, that this butler: "Sets to work--"

- I wonder, when Bruce Wayne was looking for a butler, he put down in the ad:
"BUTLER WANTED, - Duties Include....", what did it actually say?




Na na na na Na na na na Na na na na Na na na na Bedpan! Ompph Owww! Hahoha!

Do I see a Batman Bedpan?


But ..... but ..... that's NOT Alfred!!!
Ha!Ho!Ha! ........ or is it "Ho!Ha!Ho!"?



Getting caught in the zipper is always painful...

Why this advertisement?